How to use your past success to launch into a new online business

The other day I was doing a live AMA, and one of the questions I got asked was about jumping into a new career.

My answer centered around building on past success.

Find a way to leverage what you've already built up to stand out and acquire your first customers in your new career.

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See you at the next AMA.


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A lot of people will tell you you need to focus on one thing.

And I think there's merit to that.

It's just never worked for me.

I need a bit of chaos. I need to switch contexts and work on something else.

It inspires me. It gives me new insights and new energy to work on other things.

Last year I decided to embrace three new businesses. PafeiBody Meal, and Correli Leadership Institute. And to start building my personal brand.

It's definitely been a bumpy ride. A learning experience.


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Be the business owner

As we enter the new year, a quick reminder:

Be the business owner.

Not the worker bee.

Your focus should be on vision, connecting with customers, leading the team, attracting and hiring the right people for the team, marketing, finances, and other high-level activities.

Don't get lost in the weeds.

Yes, you may need to do some of that from time to time.

But don't get lost there.

Make sure you pull yourself up every so often.

Make sure you're focused on the big important tasks that only y…

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It's easy to get distracted in business.

We try something, and it doesn't quite work out, or we get push-back, and we lose sight of why we were doing this in the first place.

We get bogged down in the details.

It's important to remember the vision.

Why did you start?

What did you envision for your business?

Is that still your vision?

If so, get back at it.

Return to the vision, and keep working towards it.

Merry Christmas, my friend. I'm glad you're here.

With love,

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I'm obsessed with the community these days.

Before the pandemic, we were already getting more and more isolated. Sitting in front of our phones, computers, and devices, working, watching movies, shopping, communicating with our friends. All through a screen.

Always looking into a screen. Rare is the moment we take to just be or to talk to a stranger while waiting for the subway or the coffee.

And then, in 2020, it all got so much worse.

It feels to me like we're longing for community. For re…

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What's the outcome?

What's the outcome we really want?

What can we do to get there?

Brainstorm. Come up with creative new ideas.

Most people are busy focusing on tasks. Do this, then this, then this.

Effective people are always focused on the outcomes.

What is it we want? What does success look like?

Is that what we really want, or what we think we want because we think it'll get us something else?

Effective people are always focused on whether their current activities are moving them closer to the outcome, …

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When you finally decide to do something about it

Have you ever experienced this?

There's some issue in your life—whether it's business or health or relationships or something else—that's been bothering you for a while.

And you've tried.

You've tried this, that, and the other thing.

But then one day you wake up, and you just decide.


I'm done with this.

I'm going to tackle this once and for all.

And then you do.

You read books. Take courses. Research on the internet.

You implement not one, not two, but eight different things.

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You don't need more shiny objects.

Simplero has all the tools you need to create a beautiful multi-six-figure business and beyond with impact and peace of mind.

You don't need more tools, more shiny objects, more tactics, more tricks, and clever hacks.

You need clarity and focus.

One offer, one funnel, one avatar, one source of leads.

That's all you need.

That'll make you a million dollars, easily.

You just have to dial it in.

When things aren't quite working, it's so easy to think we ne…

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Keeping it simple

It's in the name, right?



I speak with a lot of business owners with big dreams, big plans. It's awesome. I love it. I'm all for it. We're family. I'm the same way myself.

And you want to start the way you want to finish. Build a strong foundation from the start. I agree.

But here's the thing:

Success is built one step at a time.

One-piece at a time.

So yes, have that map, that plan, that vision.

And then figure out:

What's the most impactful milestone you could get to …

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