There are always alternatives. There are always options.

I like to remind myself that I'm wrong in a million big and small ways, and the faster I identify and fix those false beliefs, the better my life gets.

This week has blown up some of my beliefs around the potential of my businesses, and what's possible in terms of sheer financial possibility.

The potential out there really is quite limitless.

It's up to you and what you want

... what you're willing to put in

... what you're willing to sacrifice, and—as we talked about last week—

... who you're willing to become.

Take a look around.

What's possible for you?

In business?

In relationships?

In health?

In creativity?

In happiness and joy?

In fulfillment and passion?

What could you go for if you didn't play small?

What would you go for if you believe in yourself?

Sit with that for a moment, and please share what you find.

I'd love to know.


Who do you need to become?
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