Let's get real

We like to get to know our customers. To build real relationships.

We want to know who you are, what your mission is, what you care about, what scares you, what excites you, and what your goals are.  We want to help you achieve those goals.

We love it when we get to know you and your personality over time, through our interactions with you.

We prefer to just be real with you. We hope you prefer that, too.

We take the responsibility seriously

Some customers have been with us for over ten years!

Simplero is the foundation for their livelihoods. It feeds their family.

We take that responsibility very seriously. We make sure the platform is stable and robust. We make sure you can trust the platform to take care of you.

We invest a lot in serving our customers, because we know you depend on us, and you're doing critical work in the world.

Straight answers

When you ask a question, we'll make every effort to understand exactly what you're asking and get straight to the answer. We don't obfuscate or hand-wave.

If we messed up, we're going to just flat-out say so.

You'll never hear us say "we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause" because who speaks like that? Honestly.

Focused on Service

We don't enjoy interacting with robots (or people who sound like robots), and we don't think you do, either.

We never do macros, boilerplate, or canned responses.

And we don't outsource customer service to low wage countries to save a buck, either.

For us, customer service is a core differentiator and a core focus of attention and investment.

Video responses

One of the things our customers repeatedly rave about is getting a video response back from our support team.

When you ask a question, often we'll send you back a video where we walk you through exactly how to do what you're looking to do, showing your data, your specific details. And you can hear us talking you through it all.

This makes it way easier for you to follow along than having to go through a written step-by-step series of instructions.

And it helps build that relationship, too.

Reach us from inside your account and by writing support@simplero.com
Help guides are available here for those of you who are DIY-minded.

Simplero® changes lives.

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