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Why Become a Certified Simplero Expert?

Recognition of Your Skills

Up Level Your Simplero knowledge and confidently market yourself as the expert in your field.

Grow Your Business

Support yourself and your clients beyond Simplero, with our OBM and Freelance masterminds, learn from each other and build valuable connections.

Increase Your Income

Increase your prices, take on more clients, grow your team, streamline your processes... we're here to help you make your business work for you.

Join our Certification Membership for Online Business Managers, Virtual Assistants and other freelance businesses and get access to:

  • behind the scenes information,
  • Access to mentors Beth & Kristina for expert advice and guidance on any tricky Simplero tasks you're working on
  • the training Simplero uses with their own staff, and
  • support and training to nail and scale your business in the online business world, including monthly calls. 

People who pass the annual Certification Exam will be listed on Simplero's website as a Certified Expert!


Meet Your Mentors!

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Beth Barr-Jobson

Beth is the Head of Customer Success at Simplero and a former OBM for Simplero Admins.  Beth has been using Simplero for about 6 years and loves being a part of the team that makes your Simplero experience better every day. 

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Kristina Smith

Kristina is the founder of Kristina Smith Virtual Business Solutions - a thriving OBM+ specializing in being the glue-that-holds-it-all-together for her Simplero-loving 1-2-1 client businesses whilst her ever-growing team of Virtual Assistants keep everything running smoothly to provide a Team In A Box.

Beth and Kristina will be guiding you through the ins and outs of Simplero, sharing fun ways to do new stuff, and sharing their experience as Online Business Managers to help you use the power of Simplero to wow your clients and grow your business.

They'll be taking you behind the scenes to get you first-look access to new features, build a closer relationship with the team that keeps Simplero moving forward and help you place yourself firmly in the "expert" column when it comes to supporting clients.

Beyond that, Beth and Kristina will be bringing you monthly focus workshops to help you work on the other areas of your online business that need care and attention, from email marketing, to pricing tips, to funnel planning, to finding your next great client.

I'm Ready To Join!

Your $90 Per Month Subscription Includes:

  • Access To Simplero's Own Staff Training Content
  • Annual Certification Exam, awarding Star, or Superstar level certification based on expertise.
  • Pre-Recorded Online Business Training with new releases and topics each month.
  • Your bio on Simplero's Website for prospective clients to view once exam passed.
  • BETA access to new Simplero Features
  • Two Monthly Group "Business Surgery" calls with Kristina & Beth
  • Monthly Behind The Simplero Scenes Updates 
  • Adhoc live sessions from Kristina or Beth for additional training, drop-ins and more.
  • Request expert advice from Beth & Kristina on any Simplero project you're working on.
  • Adhoc Guest Expert sessions.
  • Training on Major New Features
  • Forum with all Group Members to Brainstorm, Ask Questions, Support & Learn From Each Other.
  • "Group Expert" status in the official Simplero Facebook Group when certified.
  • Access to all previous Guest Expert sessions including from Calvin Correli, Emma Holmes, Sarie Taylor and more
  • Access to all previous trainings and live session replays.
  • Better affiliate links to share with your contacts - gift them 2 additional free weeks on top of their usual 2 week free trial of Simplero when they use your link to join Simplero.
  • Once certified at Superstar Level, receive a supercharged affiliate link to gift your contacts an additional 30 free days on top of their 2 week Simplero trial when they use your link to join Simplero.

Questions? Here's the answers...

Can I leave once I've got my Certification badge?

You can. Your badge will be date stamped and is valid for 12 months. You will, however, have to remain a member for Simplero to be able to refer work to you, and display your bio on their website as a Certified Expert. You can Rejoin if you'd like to update your badge the following year, stay ahead of the game with new features and keep access to all of the training and support available. 

What makes this Membership different from all the others?

How many other memberships do you know which not only cover building and growing an online business, but help you to do so in a specific tech-niche, such as Simplero? We are passionate about providing an unbelievable amount of support and community. Serving you is our priority.

I'm already a Simplero Expert, should I join?

We think so, yes! We don't doubt that you're a Simplero Expert, but we'd love to be able to give you the badge to prove it and display your credentials on the Simplero website so more clients can find you. Of course, if you're not in a growth phase of your business and the certification isn't important to you - then this is probably not the place for you at the moment. We'd love you to join us at later date if that changes.

I'm Not an OBM or a VA - Is this for me?

If you support clients as an admin of their Simplero account, then this is for you!

I want to become an OBM but don't use Simplero, is this for me?

Yes - if you want to learn how to use the fast-growing all in one platform that is Simplero! We'll teach you to use the platform, in the exact same way as we train new Simplero staff! If you're not interested in learning Simplero, then we'd recommend other OBM programs which are not Simplero-based.

Can I catch replays? My Time Zone makes live calls awkward!

Definitely. We have 2 call times within the group that we try to stick to make it as inclusive of all time zones that we can. Some members join us at all hours of the night/early morning, some prefer to catch up on the replays and join in the discussion in the chat room. We have members from Australia to California.

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