Go from idea to done in 5 minutes.

Integrated with all your customer information and insights

Having a lot of people on your list is fun, but what's even better is having engaged people on your list who actually open your emails, click your links and buy from you.

You can easily identify the folks who are most interested in your offer, and follow up with them effectively.  You can find those that aren't engaged and start them in an automated re-engagement campaign.

You can also easily

  • Resend to people who didn't open your email
  • Target people who clicked a link in your email
  • Split-test your subject lines
  • Create templates with different branding for your different programs or audiences
  • Get reminded when it's time to write next week's newsletter

Automate Everything

Automation can make your life simpler and give you peace of mind.  Plus, your team will love it.  Make their jobs easier!

  • Drip out your course content by the Lesson, the Module, the Page or the Course
  • Wait for a few days or until a specific day
  • Send email only IF they have one tag but not another
  • Grant free access to content and then take that access away a while later if they didn't buy (Summits, anyone?)
  • Wait until a birthday, anniversary or other custom date and then send a free gift or a special offer
  • Send people through different nurture sequences depending on what tags or other attributes they have (Got a Lead Gen Quiz?)
  • Offer webinar participants a time-limited offer that is different depending on whether they attended live or not
  • Etc.  So many possibilities!

Simplero® gives you powerful segmenting tools.

Have you ever gotten emails encouraging you to buy something you already bought? That sucks.

Simplero provides powerful segmenting tools so you can pinpoint precision target and reach the exact people you want to.

  • Everybody except people who bought this already
  • Everyone who's never bought anything from me
  • Everyone who gave this answer on my opt in form
  • People who have this tag but not that tag
  • People who signed up within the last 3 months but haven't opened any emails

Subject line split testing is built right in.

All driven by Simplero's powerful customer insight engine.

Simplero® changes lives.

  • simplero

    Simplero was the best choice for me because now I don't need any other services to be able to deliver everything I want to my customer. I love how robust the email system is and it's connected to all my landing pages and courses.

    Kellee Wynne Studios

  • simplero

    I have faith and trust this incredible software works without my interference. The automation is insanely intelligent. I can invite my support assistants to use the program knowing how solid it is. I have stopped worrying about bugs. I feel the power of Simplero matches the power of my product offering and that's saying something. Love it!