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Simplero is a freedom machine. 

Okay...but what does that mean?

First, it’s important for you to know why Simplero exists.

Simplero exists to raise the level of consciousness on the planet. It probably sounds weird for the founder of a software company to say that, but it's true.

In February 2008, I had an epiphany: I'm here to teach a new way to do entrepreneurship; a way that's deeply rooted in our spirituality.

Naturally I set out to teach this new revelation right away but I found the software to support this kind of business quite lacking, so I created my own.

Initially, it was just for my own use. But soon people started asking if they could use it too and Simplero was born!

So that's why I say Simplero exists to raise the level of consciousness on the planet, and it does so in many ways.

  • Every time we learn something new, our consciousness is raised.
  • Every time we teach someone something of value, our consciousness is raised.
  • Every time someone decides to quit a job that limits their spirit to pursue their dreams, consciousness is raised.

And when we raise our consciousness, we increase our freedom in equal measure.

That’s what makes Simplero a freedom machine.

It gives people the freedom to live where they want to live, work how and when they want to work, and make money the way they want to make money, while doing something amazing for other people.

We are here to help free people from the boring, monotonous, day-to-day grind of “normal” life so they can reach out and grasp what is extraordinary. 

We free our customers by giving them a platform that removes technological headaches.

In turn, Simplero customers free the people they serve by giving them compelling, valuable, and life-changing content that improves their lives. 

It’s a perpetual value loop.

A freedom machine.

About the company

We're small, bootstrapped, profitable, and proud. We haven't taken funding, which means we're not beholden to anyone other than ourselves and our customers. We're in it for the long haul. We're here to create a product we love, and a company we love working at. We've been around since 2008, and we're loving it more each day. I'd call that a success.

When you use Simplero, you're not supported by some low-level support rep who can't do anything about your problem but smile with fake empathy. We're all intimately involved in customer service, your question will be answered, and your problem will be resolved. Period!

Welcome to the Simplero family! We'd be honored to serve you.




Above all, we're about service. We aim to truly serve anyone who comes into contact with us. We don't need to make a profit on each and every transaction when looked at in isolation. We care about the overall flow of exchange of energy in our universe. We care about how our product serves you in your business, and how it enables you to serve your customers better. We want to go the extra mile to make sure you achieve what you set out to, and get to do what you came here to do.


We understand that you're building your life's work and your livelihood on our platform, and that makes us truly grateful, humbled, and honored. We don't take that trust and responsibility lightly. We want you to be able to trust us, and to know you've made the right call. We believe in taking 100% responsibility for our lives, while allowing others to also take 100% responsibility for theirs.


We're not perfect. We make mistakes. We have flaws (lots of them) and idiosyncrasies and old unhealed wounds that may or may not someday be healed. And while we strive to not let any of that stuff impact you negatively, we can't promise it won't. However, we promise that we'll always own up to it and make it right. We put being real and authentic above trying to pretend we're some kind of robot or perfect sample of the human species.


We want to be open about how we operate, the decisions we make, why we make them, what we think, and why we think that way. We're happy to share details about our business and our life. Anything we learned the hard way, we might as well share with others. We're open about the reality behind the scenes.


We don't have all the answers. One of the things we enjoy more than anything else is when we're able to co-create our product with you. You have an idea, a desire, or a challenge, and together we're able to come up with a great solution, and implement it right away. We can't always do that, but when we can, it's the best.


Ultimately, everything we do is about love. We like to think of ourselves as Spreading Love Through Software™. Through the energy we infuse in the software, through our interactions, through what our software enables you to do. If we're not expanding in love, and sharing that love with the people around us, what's the point?


We say what we mean, and do what we say. We speak clearly, in language that we'd use with our closest friends, language that clearly expresses what we think and believe and feel. No corporate bullshit, no legalese, just clear thinking and clear sentences. And we do what we find to be the right and honorable thing to do in each situation.


We want you to feel like you've come home when you decide to use Simplero. We want you to feel welcomed, cared for, and safe, and trust that we have your back.


With Simplero, you have everything you need to build, launch, and grow your online business. Sign up for a free trial today and see why they call us a freedom machine!


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