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Simplero® is a freedom machine. 

Okay...but what does that mean?

First, it’s important for you to know why Simplero® exists.

Simplero® exists to raise the level of consciousness on the planet. It probably sounds weird for the founder of a software company to say that, but it's true.

In February 2008, I had an epiphany: I'm here to teach a new way to do entrepreneurship; a way that's deeply rooted in our spirituality.

Naturally I set out to teach this new revelation right away but I found the software to support this kind of business quite lacking, so I created my own.

Initially, it was just for my own use. But soon people started asking if they could use it too and Simplero® was born!

So that's why I say Simplero® exists to raise the level of consciousness on the planet, and it does so in many ways.

  • Every time we learn something new, our consciousness is raised.
  • Every time we teach someone something of value, our consciousness is raised.
  • Every time someone decides to quit a job that limits their spirit to pursue their dreams, consciousness is raised.

And when we raise our consciousness, we increase our freedom in equal measure.

That’s what makes Simplero® a freedom machine.

It gives people the freedom to live where they want to live, work how and when they want to work, and make money the way they want to make money, while doing something amazing for other people.

We are here to help free people from the boring, monotonous, day-to-day grind of “normal” life so they can reach out and grasp what is extraordinary. 

We free our customers by giving them a platform that removes technological headaches.

In turn, Simplero® customers free the people they serve by giving them compelling, valuable, and life-changing content that improves their lives. 

It’s a perpetual value loop.

A freedom machine.

About the company

We're small, bootstrapped, profitable, and proud. We haven't taken funding, which means we're not beholden to anyone other than ourselves and our customers. We're in it for the long haul. We're here to create a product we love, and a company we love working at. We've been around since 2008, and we're loving it more each day. I'd call that a success.

When you use Simplero®, you're not supported by some low-level support rep who can't do anything about your problem but smile with fake empathy. We're all intimately involved in customer service, your question will be answered, and your problem will be resolved. Period!

Welcome to the Simplero® family!




We’re here to serve people. Whether they’re customers, team members, friends, or strangers. We put in the extra care, energy, effort, attention to detail.

Execution & Ownership for results

Owners take ownership over the problem and the outcome. Owners pick up the trash. Owners don’t worry about what the boss wants. They do what they know is right. 


Showing up authentically is the most powerful way to make an impact. In your business, your home, your relationships, your work, your play, everything. Be unapologetically yourself. Show up and let the world feel your weight. 


The only way that we can succeed and stay nimble as a tiny company in a big world is to constantly simplify. It's hard work -  it takes courage to cut down complexity,  say no, and push through to find that elegant solution. But it's so worth it.


Inside every one of us is the person we’re here to become. Our biggest work in life is to become that person.

That involves clearing away false beliefs, healing old traumas, releasing whatever is being held on to, letting go of what’s not your essence.



We’re present in our work. Present with the people we interact with. We don’t just go through the motions, checking off the boxes, fixing the bug, responding to the ticket, without being present in what we do.


We’ve succeeded because we have been able to do a lot more with a lot less than others in this industry. That’s not about working longer hours, though we’re certainly not afraid of putting in the hours when that’s called for.

idea meritocracy

The best idea wins. Period.

And we don't pull rank. Just because someone has a fancy title doesn't mean their ideas are the only ones that matter.

Focus on your business, not software.

By using Simplero®, you're free to do your best work, sell more products and services, and reach your full potential.

Start a 14 day trial and see for yourself.

We'll help you switch...for free!


We know that migrating from other applications can feel daunting.


That's why new account activation on a Launch or Rule the World annual plan includes free Concierge migration credits.


When you activate your new Simplero® account by purchasing an annual Launch or Rule the World plan, you will receive dedicated migration support from our highly trained Concierge specialists.

The process is simple:

1. Send us your content (or the login info for your current system)

2. We do the heavy lifting of moving everything over

3. Wake up to a perfectly set up Simplero account


Free credit allotments depend on the plan you purchase:

"Launch" includes 5 hours

"Rule the World" includes 10 hours


If you need more than that, Concierge packages are available for a ridiculously reasonable rate.


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