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Simplero® gives you simple pricing for each stage of your online empire.

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billed monthly billed at $348 $290/yr*
billed monthly billed at $1188 $990/yr*
billed monthly billed at $1788 $1490/yr*
All Core Features
Contacts 1000 1000 1000
Storage 10 GB 100 GB 1 TB
Products Draft 5 Unlimited
Membership sites Draft 1 Unlimited
Worksheets & Quizzes
Upsells & Downsells
Concierge migration 5 credits included Included with Annual 10 credits included Included with Annual
* Our billing is per 30 days for monthly, and 360 days for annual.

Every plan includes these core features.

Unlimited Emails

Send customers as many emails as you want.

Responsive Website Builder

Easily create beautiful, mobile-friendly websites.

Powerful Automations

Automate responses based on customers' actions.

Advanced Tagging

Tag your contacts based on a variety of parameters, and fine-tune your funnel.

Drip Campaigns

Build drip campaigns to keep customers active and engaged.

Affiliate Program

Accurately track and reward partners who promote your content.

Landing Page Builder

Increase your conversion rates with customizable landing pages.

Your Help Desk

Run your own support ticketing system directly within Simplero®.

99.9% Uptime

Our reliable platform means you'll never miss an opportunity.

SMS Text messages are charged separately according to our text message pricing table.













Get all the features for only $1. No need to talk to a salesperson or sit through a demo. Get immediate access to a fully functioning account.


No strings attached, we promise. Seriously, you can cancel at any time just by clicking a button and we'll never charge you again.


Don't obsess over which plan to choose. Just pick the one that works best for you now. You can always change it later.

We'll help you migrate...for FREE

We know that migrating from other applications can feel daunting.


That's why new account activation on a Launch or Rule the World annual plan includes free Concierge migration credits.


When you activate your new Simplero® account by purchasing an annual Launch or Rule the World plan, you will receive dedicated migration support from one of our highly trained Concierge specialists.

Just give us access to your content. We'll let you know when your Simplero® system is ready for your approval. 


Free credit allotments depend on the plan you purchase and they expire in 6 months, so use 'em right away!

"Launch" includes 5 hours

"Rule the World" includes 10 hours


If you need more than that, Concierge packages are available for a ridiculously reasonable rate.  Click the button below to learn more. 


See Concierge Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start accepting payments?

It depends on your country. If you're in one of the countries supported by Stripe, it's super easy, and everything works like a breeze. We also support PayPal, but with certain limitations (we cannot automatically withdraw from people later for subscriptions or payment plans - we have to ask them to come back and pay, although process is 100% automated). In addition to that, we also support 60+ payment gateways in 73+ contries around the world through Spreedly.

What happens when people buy through Simplero® and when does the money show up in my account?

Your money stays with you. We never touch your money. Ever. If you're using PayPal, then your money goes straight into your PayPal account, and from your PayPal account, you can transfer them to your bank account when you wish. This takes a few days to process. For any other payment gateway, the money is typically deposited directly to your bank account, either immediately, or after a delay of between 1 and 40 days, depending on the agreement you have with your payment gateway.

What kind of reports do I get?

You can download all invoices and all transactions in Microsoft Excel or CSV formats for easy import into your accounting software, or for other purposes.

Can I use Simplero® to sell physical products like books?

Yes, though to be fair, it's not what Simplero is designed for. There are two things making it a bit cumbersome: One is that Simplero doesn't include logic to calculate the shipping cost, so it has to be included in the price. The other is that Simplero doesn't have a shopping cart, so there's no good way for customers to buy 2 copies of your book.

How do I move my current newsletter subscribers over from Aweber/Mailchimp/my current email provider?

Super-easy. Just export/download your current subscribers list from your old system to a CSV file. Then go to your list (or create a new one) in Simplero, click "Import subscribers", upload the CSV file, tell us what's the name, what's the email, and so on, and click import. Now your list is in Simplero®. No need to opt-in again, as long as you promise on your scout's honor that the subscribers have all asked to hear from you.

Can I run more than one business from one Simplero® account?

Yes you can. Your account will have one name, though, so pick something you're okay with everyone seeing. Your name is often a good choice. Also, the invoice numbering will be in one sequence, and the branding, such as colors and logos, are going to be the same across the account. If all of those constraints are ok with you, then you're good to go.

How much does sending text messages cost?

You will be billed per text. The text message pricing table gives you an overview of the cost per text. Note that text messages longer than 67 characters may be broken into multiple text message segments when sent, and are therefore billed as multiple messages.

How does the 14-day trial work?

During your free trial, you have access to all the features, but you're limited to 3 purchases and 5 GB uploads. If you blow through 3 purchases in those first 14 daysyou're killing it! great job—just go to Settings > Plan and billing and click "Activate now" to start your subscription early, or choose an annual plan for a better value and free concierge migration.

When your trial ends, your monthly subscription will activate. You will be charged immediately, and your 30-day billing cycle will begin. If you don't want that to happen, cancel your account before the end of your trial. Once activated, you cannot "un-activate", but you can of course close your account at any time. No contracts.

How is the email deliverability?

It's really hard to get good comparative data on that, but what I know is that we have very good deliverability. We work with a leading email deliverability provider, SendGrid, and we have a very high reputation score with them (99%+), which means we're in great standing with respect to the different mail providers that your email is going to end up with, which means there's a very high probability that your mails will go through. And we work hard to keep it that way.

Are you handling EU VAT for us?

Yes. We'll collect evidence of the buyer's country, we'll store it for 10 years, we'll calculate and charge the correct tax, to the best of our knowledge. We'll also provide the numbers you need to file the required tax returns. We cannot file those returns for you, nor can we pay the tax, as we never see your money, and you may have income from other sources alongside Simplero. More here.

What day of month do you charge?

To make things simple, we bill every 30 days. That way there's no complicated rules for what happens when you buy on the 31st of the month, or anything like that. That means the day of month you're being charged will change slightly from month to month, except for months that have exactly 30 days. It also means that 12 billing cycles will amount to 360 days, not 365. Sorry, our planet decided to rotate in slightly complicated ways. We opted for simplicity.

How much do extra contacts cost?

The first 1,000 contacts are included in all of the plans.

Up to 2,500 contacts cost $20 extra/month.

Up to 5,000 contacts is $50/month extra.

Up to 7,500 contacts is $70/month extra.

Up to 10,000 contacts is $90/month extra.

After that, it's an additional $15/month for each 2,500 contacts more.

Focus on your business, not your software.

By using Simplero®, you're free to do your best work, sell more products and services, and reach your full potential.

Start a 14 day trial and see for yourself.

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