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Deanna Buoniconti

Take Your Multi-Level Access to the next Level & easily provide people an overview of their content!

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We just want to thank you all for joining us for Office Hours and making them so wonderful! We love sharing the ins and outs of Simplero and helping you make the most of your business. If you have any feedback you would like to share, you are always welcome to hit the reply button and drop us a notes to let us know what you think about these Q&A Times!  If you are a new to Simplero and don't know what I am talking about, Office Hours is face to face time with us! It is a time for us to answer the questions you may have about your account, using Simplero in general or specifics. These office hours are free and they're designed to be heavy on the Q&A - we want to get you the answers you need to get into action with your Simplero account. Thank you to those of you who joined us yesterday for our English/US Office Hours session! Missed it this week? No problem! We have a few options for you!

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Did you know you could do this?

Because Simplero is so flexible, you can create many different products using the same Space or Members site by autopublishing pages or restricting access on the module. Did you know that you could use the same space for different levels of a course or product you wish to sell? Simplero makes it incredibly easy to house all your related content in one place, and give access to various products! Maybe that means collecting mini course in one places for individual or bundled sales or a program with multiples levels of access! These are option available to you in created your content! Read more about how to do that in this guide!

We just announced last week an exciting new feature that can take your multi level access products to the next level! You now have the option to disable downloading media content for a product across not just in a space or membership sites, but also now in the product itself, rather than only being able to control this on a per-site basis. Read about how to restrict access in a product here.

New Features in Simplero

The response to and of adoption the new membership sites and courses has been nothing short of overwhelming, and we're super excited to see how quickly you all have filled all the content that has been created and moved over to new membership sites and courses. One pattern we've seen a lot of you use is to create entire course portals and provide members with an overview page that lists all the courses the individual member has access to. This is great if everyone gets access to all your courses at once. But, what if you give access to individual courses in different products or at different times, like you would by following the guide above? How do you then create an overview of the courses accessible to a member?

This week we've introduced a new section you can add to a page on a membership site that takes care of just this problem: the Course catalog section. Simply add this section to a page, and your members get an easy overview of their course material:

Course catalog

In addition to this we've made a number of minor additions and changes to the membership sites. First off, blog posts, forum posts and comments on membership sites now also feature full support from emojis as you know it across the rest of the platform. We know how much everyone loves emojis, so the fun of course shouldn't be limited on the new membership sites! tada In addition to this, you can now also auto-publish course content and membership site pages in autoresponders, making it even easier to provide drip access to your content in a product.

Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team

Calvin Correli



I've been really excited about visualizing things recently. I suddenly remembered that when we moved to New York a couple years ago and struggled to find an apartment, Gay Hendricks did a visualization with us where we pretended it was a year from that day, and we were sitting in the perfect apartment, and we were thinking back at just how easy it all had been. Just a week or two after that, we were in fact sitting in our own apartment, and it had indeed been super easy!

These days I'm "reading" (aka listening to on audiobook) Warren Buffet's biography, The Snowball, and one scene struck me. A ten year old Warren Buffett is visiting the New York Stock Exchange, and gets to have lunch at the Exchange with an important-looking Dutch man, and at that lunch, the Dutchman has a custom-made cigar made for him on the spot.

Buffett is not terribly concerned about smoking it, but it becomes the symbol of wealth for him, and he decides to get so rich that he can afford that kind of frippery for himself.

That day, as he beheld the cigar man, a vision of his future was planted.

He kep that vision when he went back to Omaha, old enough now to organize his quest and pursue it all the more systematically. Even as he followed the pastimes of an ordinary boy, playing basketball and ping-pong and collecting coins and stamps; even as his family mourned his small, sweet grandfather, John Stahl, who died that year at age seventy-three—the first loss in his life—he worked with a passion for the future he saw ahead of him, right there in sight. He wanted money.

Needless to say, he got it.

I think we tend to underestimate the power of these visualizations. I know I do.

Their power comes from helping us get clarity, clean up cross purposes, getting our subconscious working for us, and ... signaling to the universe.

Try playing around with visualization. Feel how it feels in your body when you imagine your new reality. Notice where there's resistance.

And above all, keep it easy and fun, and remember to invite spirit to help out.

I firmly believe the Universe wants us to have all that we desire, it's just that we tend to get in our own way a lot.

Give it a go, and let me know what you find!

Calvin's Random Links from around the Interwebs

Love doesn't hurt.

The wage gap is a myth.

A DC pharmacist hints some lawmakers have Alzheimers. Wouldn't be surprising, honestly.

With love,

Deanna Buoniconti

Courses as Podcasts, Updated Zapier Integration and Signup Forms

Join us for Office Hours!

Have you had a chance to attend one of our Office Hours? If you haven't, what is holding you back from joining?  If you have stopped by, we would love to hear your feedback on the best parts and even, what we can do to continue improving on. We love the chance to get to have one on one face time with you and share our love of Simplero and help you figure out the best ways to make your account serve you well! If you are a new Simplero customers, Office Hours is an online meet up with us!  We get to answer questions about your account, using Simplero in general or specifics. These office hours are free and they're designed to be heavy on the Q&A - we want to get you the answers you need to get into action with your Simplero account. Don't forget to hit "reply" and let us know what you are loving, what you are interested in learning or any other suggestions you might have for this time.

We will be holding English/ US Office Hours this coming Thursday, October 12th at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST, as well as the following Mondays at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST. You can sign up for the date you want to attend right here! For those of you who understand Danish (feel free to ask your questions in Norwegian or Swedish!) you can sign up here for Office Hours on Thursday, October 12th at 11am Danish time!

Did you know you could do this?

Did you know you can allow your media content from your library to be consumed as a Podcast in Membership Sites? You can!  You can also disable podcasts if you want to, while still allowing users to download their media content. Read all about it here!

Another guide we want to highlight for you is Sign up forms! After all, we want to make sure you have the ability to grow your interest list and get your products in to more people's hands! Signup forms, also known as Opt-in forms, are an important way to get people on you mailing list. This is because you want to start building a relationship with them and nurture these relationship until they become a customer. With membership sites you have two options for adding your Simplero embedded signup forms to your site and a third option for adding full page signup forms. Read the full guide here!

New Features in Simplero

Hot on the heels of the last couple of weeks of membership site madness, this weeks sees a couple of more general improvements to Simplero. First off, we've added the option for you to disable the ability for people to download the media content for a product across membership sites and the product itself, rather than only being able to control this on a per-site basis. This makes it possible for you to create multiple tiers of access to the same product where one provides access to consume content online, and another access to also download that same content. You find the setting under the Content section of a product in the administrative interface:

Content access setting for product

This is especially great if you want to offer a teaser product with limited access, and a full product with complete access and the ability to download the content, without having to maintain two separate sites.

Secondly, we've updated our Zapier zap integration, as we know a lot of you rely heavily on it for automating your business. A lot of you have requested the ability to more effectively use tags in your zaps, so you can now use the addition or removal of a tag in Simplero as a trigger in Zapier to perform an action on the back of it. Conversely, you can also now add or remove tags in Zapier in response to another action. This makes tags a super powerful instrument for controlling the flow of a lead or customer through your sales funnel, both internally in Simplero using triggers, but now also externally through Zapier. Awesome, right? In addition to that, we've made some enhancement that pre-provides data to Zapier, which in practise means that setting up a trigger no longer requires waiting for it to be triggered, which make it a lot quicker to do. These updates are already available to all Zapier integrations with Simplero, so make sure you go and check them out!

Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team


Calvin Correli

It ain't over till it's over!

After writing that email last week about knowing who you are, and Baeth's event Gifted, something magical happened.

Calvin-News-10-medium.5.-2.pngI was upstate for the week to play around with clarifying my message, and work on a talk. At the time I wrote you, Nomi (my wife) and Yasmine (our dog) had joined me, and we ended up having some deep conversations about all of "this stuff".

And that's when I suddenly felt a flash of a new desire, something I'd never felt before.

It felt just as strong as that time four years ago when she asked me something and I blurted out I wanted to be a special advisor to the president of the United States on conscious nation building. It had that same "whoa, where did that come from??!?" and "that feels sooooo right for me!!" energy to it.

It's this: I want to be the "CEO whisperer" that invites people like Tim Cook, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Satya Nadella, Lady Gaga, Biz Stone, Taylor Swift, and others at that level, to spend a weekend with me in "my" house upstate. There's no set agenda. No set of processes that we need to go through. We don't even particularly talk about through any of the problems or struggles they're having.

By simply being together for a weekend, with just our presence and nowhere to hide, a complete change in consciousness happens. By the time they return to work on Monday, whatever problems or struggles they thought they had have vanished, or resolve easily, because they're looking at the whole thing with a different awareness.

That's what I want to offer. I don't come into the office. I don't work with the team. I don't conduct workshops. This is how I work. 

Calvin-News-10-medium.5.-3.jpgI don't know of anyone else who does this, and I know I could create billions of dollars or value in a weekend like that.

Who knows if and when and how this might ever materialize. That's not important. If the Universe wants it, it'll happen somehow.

But I do love those glimpses into something much deeper, wherever it comes from, whenever it strikes.

Always open to wonder. That's where the fun and magic lies.

A Few Random Links from around the Interwebs

The golden age of the poster. So awesome!

Russians stole NSA secrets via Russian computer security company Kaspersky Labs. This world is getting more fascinating by the day.

American business is spectacular... and ruthless. Bacardi has taken out a trademark on Havana Club, just in case US-Cuban relations ever got normalized, to prevent the actual Cuban Havana Club from entering the United States. Smart. And evil. Boy, oh boy.

Tons of love & inspiration,

Deanna Buoniconti

Learn All about Quizzes, Auto-Publishing for Course Lessons and Podcasts for Courses

Join us for Office Hours!

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on Office Hours! It is always great to connect with you during the week, answer your questions face to face and share new ways to help Simplero work the best for you! For those of you who are new to Simplero, Office Hours are face to face times with us, answering questions about your account, using Simplero in general or specifics. These office hours are free and they're designed to be heavy on the Q&A - we want to get you the answers you need to get into action with your Simplero account.

This week, we have Office Hours scheduled for This Thursday at 11am CEST (Danish time) covering Membership Sites! You can sign up for Danish/ UK Times right here ! Our next English Office Hours will be held Next Thursday: October 12th! Sign up here for US Hours. Once you sign up, just hit reply and let us know what you would love to us cover!

Simplero Certification Program

We are gearing up to launch a new Simplero Certification Program.  If you are a VA or know a VA who loves Simplero and is knowledgeable about Simplero, we would love for you to sign up here!  We will be sending out news on the program launch soon, and want to make sure everyone who is interested is on the list!

Did you know you could do this?

We are so excited to see you all using Membership Sites! Keep up the amazing work Simpleristas! Make sure that you check out our new guides to help you navigate creating your new Membership Sites. We have added a few more guides this past week.  So be sure to check out the latest guide on Quizzes!

Have you ever looked at our Troubleshooting Guides? We have a come up with some common issues and FAQs users have. These guides are to help you trouble shoot your user's questions about accessing their Simplero accounts. Have you ever had a contact ask why they don't have access to their purchased content? This guide is going to guide you through the steps to check to see what the issue may be.  Another question we often get is why users are not receiving email notifications, or receiving too many notifications, about forum conversations in a space. But sure to check out this guide to help you double check your settings! Be sure to check out our full Troubleshooting Guides section. Have another topic we should add to our FAQ? Just hit reply to this email and let us know was FAQs you have!

New Features in Simplero

Following hot on the heels of last week's announcement of the new membership sites (of which we have already seen some truly awesome examples from all of you!) we've been busy adding some of the must requested features to membership sites. This is quite a list, but the single most requested one was the ability to also auto-publish course lessons, and to not have the module structure show up when participating in a course, but rather just have it be a stream of lessons. After looking at the use cases you guys had, we decided that our initial design was indeed to limiting and added both of these possibilities. We hope that these changes make courses even more powerful for all the different types of content you guys provide.

In addition to this, a close second in terms of requests was the addition of the Podcast feature that so many of you loved in Spaces to Courses. Courses now have a simple checkbox setting to enable podcasts and function the exact same way you know it from Spaces, which means that each member has a unique podcast feed that gives them access to the same content they have access to in the course:


Last but not least, you can now also easily duplicate pages on a site, in case you need to use the same structure or want to save a copy before you make major changes.

Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team

Calvin Correli

Know who you are

Knowing yourself is the foundation of everything in life and business.

When you know who you are—and who you're not—you can stop criticizing yourself for being who you are, stop trying to fix what you think's wrong about you, stop doing things that don't work for you, and instead get on with doing the things that do work, that get you results, that make you feel fantastic.

There are so many people offering advice, strategies, step by step processes, and they can be useful, but are they right for you?

How would it be for you if you knew what kind of diet works for you, what kind of marketing works for you, how you make money and generate wealth, how you can use your gifts to be of service to others in a way that feels fantastic to you?

We want to find that sweet spot where what we're doing works, is fun, and we feel great.

I love personality tests, because they help me understand myself. Not the "what type of animal are you in bed" type variety that gets shared all over Facebook, I can do without those.

I'm talking about the deep, nuanced, detailed systems that really give you something to work with.

Two of those systems that have really made a difference in my life is Scientific Hand Analysis, and Human Design. Both I know thanks to Baeth Davis.

Baeth_Davis-medium.jpgScientific Hand Analysis tells me that my life purpose is "Big Shot Spiritual Teacher in the Spotlight". That's literally the phrase that the system will "spit out" for me when you put my fingerprints into it.

There's no guessing or intuiting involved in this process. I have seven whorls on my hands. The six are on both of my thumbs, index fingers, and ring fingers, and the seventh in the palm of my right hand. That leads directly to that statement: "Big shot spiritual teacher in the spotlight". Thumb + index fingers add up to "big shot", the spotlight comes from the ring finger, and the whorl in my hand adds the spiritual teacher.

I cannot tell you how useful it's been for me to know this. When I first heard it, I felt so seen, and my shoulders dropped. I felt like I'd been given permission to be who I was. I had felt something like this for a while, but I'd always thought it was too pretentious, or I was too much, or the spiritual part had no value, that I should just be a "regular guy", and be content with mediocrity, and on and on.

This was a huge wake-up call. "No, this is really it, this is really who you are, how about you just get on with it?"

I could go on and on. There's lots more nuance in the hand analysis, and then when you add in the human design, there's so much more.

I'm telling you all of this right now, because Baeth is putting on an event a month from today, October 26-28, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It's called "Gifted", and at the event, you will learn your Scientific Hand Analysis blueprint and your human design.

Actually, let me tell you this, too. I've had hand analysis done by three different analysts using this same system, and Baeth is by far the best, clearest, most insightful of them all. I've also had an hour and a half human design reading by someone other than Baeth, and then I've had Baeth look at my chart and in 5 minutes tell me things that were more insightful and actionable than what I got from an hour and a half with the other guy.

Baeth has a special gift for laying this stuff out in a way that's clear and useful. She's so good at really seeing people's uniqueness.

The event is only $397 until midnight Pacific THIS Friday the 29th. Regular price is $1997.

I'm not an affiliate. I get no commission on this. Baeth did not ask me to tell you about this.

I asked her if I could share it with you, because I know how life changing it's going to be for you, and I know how valuable and important the work that she does is, and I want to support both you and her.

You will come away with your specific design, so you know what the correct diet is for you, the best environment to be in, and how to make the business decisions that are going to work for you, and what you're revenue streams are going to be.

If that's not a no-brainer, I don't know what is.

Your life is about to change. For good.

Sign up right here.

And now for ...

Calvin's Random Links from around the Interwebs

Say hook & loop. NOT velcro. Now!

How manipulates you

The Fluent Forever app is coming, and you can still get in on the kickstarter. I'm glad he's doing it, that means I won't have to. It was on my list of businesses to do, but if he does a great job, I'll just be a happy customer.

With love,

PS. Even if Gifted is not for you, consider mentoring with Baeth.

Nick Bruun

Introducing Membership Sites

One of the things we've had requested the most in the last long while has been a design update to Spaces – the Simplero member sites as you know them right now. When we launched the Simplero Site in the beginning of the year, we promised that the next big thing we'd get to work on would be just that: bringing member sites in Simplero on par with the modern design of your Simplero site and what your customers generally have come to expect from an online business.

We had a number of ideas and requests that we knew would make member sites a lot stronger and a lot easier to work with. So, as we dug in to the work on reviving Spaces, it became obvious that the right path to go down was to take all our learnings and apply them anew to build a much stronger member site component of Simplero. Today marks the culmination of over a year's work, as we are beyond excited to announce the successor to Space: Membership sites.

Membership sites are built on the same platform as the Simplero sites, and thus offer a brand-consistent, modern and – dare I say – gorgeous look for your member sites, with the advanced page editor built right in as you're used to from your main site.

Just like you're used to with Spaces, Membership sites also feature not only a blog but also a forum and member directory. The big difference is, that Membership sites are built around the concept of a far more structured approach to the member site than Spaces, which makes a lot of exciting new things possible. The big part of this is that member sites now feature Courses with a structured curriculum and support for quizzes as part of the lesson plan.

There are so many things to show and tell about Membership sites, that we decided to do a (not so brief) video introduction of some of the more exciting parts of the new Membership sites:

Introducing Membership Sites

As for Spaces, you can keep using them just as you do today, and we'll keep them around for those who are already using them – we promise. There are still a lot of things we want to add to Membership sites, so if you feel like you're missing something, feel free to put in your requests for features – chances are, it's already on our list.

We are genuinely super excited to launch this new part of Simplero, and we truly cannot wait to see what you all build with it. You'll find Membership sites under Content in your administrative interface for you Simplero account, and you can learn a lot more about the specific of the new membership sites in our help section.

Calvin Correli


I spent the weekend at Esalen at a Byron Katie workshop.

It was an amazing trip, even though I have to say I found Esalen to be a bit of a shithole. I’ve been wanting to go ever since Sofia Manning urged me to go in early 2011, but I didn’t make it until just now. My excitement and expectations were sky-high. And let down.

The food was crap, and I realized about a day in, that the entire place is literally amateur hour. Most people I talked to who work there come from some other background, and ended up doing some job with no particular training in, or love for, the particular work they’re doing.

It seems the place comes from some really great intentions, and if you go into it expecting great nature, and impotent but well-intentioned service, you’ll be in right at home. It wasn’t where I was coming from.

Oh, well. As always, I took the experience as fodder for my own businesses. I’m working on building a retreat center slash hotel slash resort in California, and the only thing about Esalen I’d want to copy is the nature. I learned a ton about how I want my place to be. Thank you, Esalen!

lamp-shade-medium.jpgThat’s not what I wanted to talk about, though. I wanted to talk about comparison. Something I’ve been very good at, to my own detriment, all of my life.

At some point, this sweet red-haired guy stood up and grabbed the mic and told about how he would frequently compare himself to others and he’d feel bad.

Katie responded, mapping out the uselessness of comparison. No matter how good you get, you can always find someone else to campare yourself to that’s better. And even if you really felt like you needed to be like someone else, where does it stop? The gender? The hair? The name? The mannerisms?

But then came the kicker: Imagine that you simply weren’t capable of comparing yourself to others. That thought simply couldn’t ever arise within you. How would that feel?

When she asked that question, the floor fell out from under me. I could suddenly feel that world. It felt so free. So peaceful. So present, right here. It was like a big chunk of my brain was freed up, ready to pursue something more meaningful, more important, more fun and exciting.

I didn’t even realize how much energy I was still spending comparing myself to others. I used to compare myself all the time and find myself fall short. These days, I tend to find myself doing pretty well most of the time, but apparently I was still comparing. The thought of letting go of all of that and just never compare myself to anyone or anything felt so liberating.

roman-pool-medium.jpgIt shifts the perspective completely. From “is this too much? too little? am I good enough? am I being weird? what are they thinking? am I ahead or behind? at this age, how far should I really be?” and on and on and on. To just having my awareness occupy all of the space my body is occupying. Just being here.

It’s hard to describe with words, but if you do the thought experiment with me, I’m sure you’ll feel your own version of this.

So that’s my invitation to you this week: What would life be like if you just weren’t able to compare yourself to anyone?

Hit reply and let me know.

Calvin's Fresh Interviews

Check out my latest interview with Michael of Intuitive Leadership Mastery as we discuss my intuitive naming for profits in business, how I picked my business name and product name using  intuition and more about my spiritual journey these past few years! (iTunes)

Calvin's Random Links from around the Interwebs

The most amazing, gorgeous aerial photographs.

New York has a new Office of Night Life. I love that. New York has changed a lot since I first moved here in 1999. It's gotten a lot more prudish. Great to see that this trend might be reversing a bit. As much as I can get enough of the noise in this city, I love that there's so much stuff going on. It's what makes New York. What gets to me is more the traffic and the constructions and the emergency vehicles, not the night life. And I even live on the Lower East Side, possibly one of the busiest night spots in town.

"The real story in this mess is not the threat that algorithms pose to Amazon shoppers, but the threat that algorithms pose to journalism" Journalism is in deep trouble these days. It's one of the most important things we need to fix as a society if we are to avoid falling apart completely. Are we up for the task? We'll see.


Deanna Buoniconti

News from Simplero: Integrations

Join us for Office Hours!

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on Office Hours Deanna! It is always great to connect with you during the week, answer your questions face to face and share new ways to help Simplero work the best for you! For those of you who are new to Simplero, Office Hours are face to face times with us, answering questions about your account, using Simplero in general or specifics. These office hours are free and they're designed to be heavy on the Q&A - we want to get you the answers you need to get into action with your Simplero account.

This week, we have Office Hours scheduled for Thursday at 11am CEST (Danish time)  as well as next Thursday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST! You can sign up for the date and session you want to attend right here for the US Times and right here for the Danish/UK hours. Once you sign up, just hit reply and let us know what you would love to us cover!

Did you know you could do this?

Did you know that you can easily use Simplero with Lead Pages, Webinar Jam and Zapier?

While LeadPages does not have a direct integration with Simplero, you can still use Simplero and LeadPages together quite easily. Be aware, that their Drag & Drop Editor does not support an integration however. When using their “Standard” Template for a Leadpage or a Leadbox, you can find our tutorial here about how to have your opt ins, save to your Simplero list with just a few clicks!

Many of you have been asking about an updated integration with Webinar Jam's latest update. Check out our updated guide on how to integrated Webinar Jame with your account!

We know there are lots of programs you can use to make your life and business run smoothly.  Because of this, we do support Zapier Integration . Check out our updated Zapier guide to find out how you can connect your Simplero account seemlessly with other applications.  

For more information on all our Integrations, check out our full list line up here!

New Features in Simplero

This week has been a quiet one in Simplero land with regards to features, but for a very good reason. We're gearing up for the biggest feature release of the year, and we honestly can't wait to show you guys what we've been up to. If you're an affiliate, make sure you join us tomorrow for a walkthrough of what's to come! If not, rest assured it'll soon be in your hands! 

Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team

Deanna Buoniconti

Earn Rewards and New WebinarJam Integration

Did you know you can earn rewards for writing about Simplero?

That's right. We've built a rewards program for those of you who don't quite yet qualify for our full affiliate program but you want to tell people about Simplero and be rewarded for your hard work. We love you for that, by the way.

So here's how it works: write a review of Simplero, share the URL and your publication date with us right here, and we'll enter you in a monthly drawing for a $100 Amazon Gift Card! 

Already wrote a review? Make sure it's updated with all the latest features and goodies Simplero offers and submit that post!

Full rules and details are here.

Join us for Office Hours!

We kicked off our new addition of Danish Office Hours! We love to get the change to connect with you all, answer your questions face to face and share new ways to help Simplero work the best for you! For those of you in European & Australian timezones, but sure to check out our new session offerings each week. For those of you who are new to Simplero, Office Hours are face to face times with us, answering questions about your account, using Simplero in general or specifics. These office hours are free and they're designed to be heavy on the Q&A - we want to get you the answers you need to get into action with your Simplero account.

This week, we have Office Hours scheduled for Thursday at 11am CEST (Danish time)  as well as next Monday at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST! You can sign up for the date and session you want to attend right here for the US Times and right here for the Danish/UK hours. 

New Features in Simplero

This week has been a bit quiet in the feature department of Simplero as we gear up for a major release within a month, that'll lift Simplero to the next level for you and your customers. We know that's a bit of a teaser, but at least for another week, indulge us, and we'll start revealing what we've been up to for the last many months.

However, in the mean time, we do have one exciting addition to Simplero this week: an integration with the new version of WebinarJam. Just like you've been used to with the old version of WebinarJam, you can now also add auto-registration links to your emails for the new version of WebinarJam that was released recently. Simply use the WebinarJam (2017) integration and you'll be all set. Check out the guide for setting up the integration for all the details.

Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team

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