New feature: Only show page section during a specific time period

You asked

You can now decide that a specific section on a page should only be shown during a specific time window.

Maybe there's an offer with an expiration date.

Or maybe you want to pre-schedule some special announcement.

Whatever it is, you can now do it.

Thank you for the suggestion, Jørgen Melchiorsen!

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New feature: Make sections on a page or landing page conditional

Did you ever wish that you could hide a section on a page or landing page while you're working on it, but still save it, so you don't risk losing your work?

Now you can!

Did you ever wish you could make a specific section on a page only show up to some of the visitors, depending on their situation?

Well, now you can!

Watch the video to find out how!


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New feature: Countdown automations without the fuss

Ever wanted to send a series of countdown emails leading up to some event, such as a webinar, the start of a course, or a subscription renewing or expiring?

The problem was, what if people join the automation late? In that case, they'd get all of the emails before that point all at once. That's obviously not very helpful.

So we fixed it!

Now go do something useful with it!

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How to know if you're doing the (right) thing...


Tips from a boat-trip

Let me tell you (yet another) story.

(I wish some of it wasn't true).

In February 2019 Simplero's marketing team met up in San Diego. We attended a very interesting marketing conference, but maybe even more important; we got together to pump up our teams' internal synergy (which is always magical). On the very first day, Calvin had bought us tickets for a 5 hour trip on a luxury yacht with a helicopter pad and free drinks. Apart from being a nice gesture, the hours we...

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How cool the president (Calvin) really is...


True story.

When I was a boy, I thought I was really strong, so one time I was visiting a traveling fair with my cousins, and there was this boxing ball that you could punch to see how much of a big man you were.

I broke my wrist that day, my arm was put in plaster from knuckles to shoulder, and I reckon that would have stopped most teenagers from pursuing any goal.

But I was dead set on publishing a new bi-monthly magazine about a British rock'n'roll artist.

And bear in mind, we had no...

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[Part 2 of 2] Joshua and the (sprint) juice


... and the superpower that made Simplero happen.

Joshua who—from what I hear—writes the meanest code, had one fantastic insight to share the other day at our daily huddle. The daily huddle is a 15 minutes meeting we have to hold ourselves and each other accountable for what we're working on and a chance to share if we're blocked on anything. When you work with colleagues many timezones apart, it's nice to have these meetings.

After all, there is no water cooler in Simplero.

Like Asgard in...

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[Part 1 of 2] How to sprint your way out of boredom and into engagement


... and the superpower that made Simplero happen.

It's funny, but true.

I can't talk to anyone about how I love to run on a treadmill, without them telling me how it's so beautiful to run in nature, not being stuck inside a fitness studio.


Maybe I don't like nature, okay!?

Actually, it's not that at all.

But what is it then?

Why do I love sprinting on the treadmill more than any other cardio exercise?

Well, for one thing, I would probably fall and hurt myself if I tried to do it...

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What made Clive and the Spindlerman go all in?



They both had resistance at first.


This was posted in our Facebook Group recently by one of our (many) happy Simplero users.


I'm gushing! Seriously.

I was using Leadpages as I never really got my head around Simpleros landing page design interface, Leadpages was drag and drop simplicity with lots of pretty bells and whistles.

I decided to go all in with Simplero a couple of weeks ago and had the team replicate my Wordpress website.

It now looks as good and no need for...

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Why we don't cotton to nitty-gritty-pedants...



(How to decide if we're a match)


Do you remember the movie Avatar?

In the scene, where Jake Sully meets the parents of his future mate, his (coming) mother-in-law lays this on him:

= = =

It is decided. My daughter will teach you our ways. Learn well, »Jakesully«, and we shall see if your insanity can be cured.

= = =

Avatar will always remain one of my all-time-favorites, and I just love that scene.


Because it’s riddled with lessons for the taking.

Let me...

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How do I say no to the guy who LITERALLY just stuck an extra $3K in my pocket?!?!



Good question. You don't.


When I asked Megan Meyers this question...

»Say, would you be willing to do do a testimonial interview for us at Simplero?«

... her reply came swiftly within the hour...

= = =

Hey Morten,

How do I say no to the guy who LITERALLY just stuck an extra $3K in my pocket?!?! joy

But really, I think I might be Simplero’s #1 fan so it would be my pleasure.


= = =

I hope to do (and bring) the interview in a not so distant future.

But in the...

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