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Calvin Correli

How to Overcome Perfectionism and Get Started with Online Courses

I got a question about how to get started selling your online courses, particularly when you're a perfectionist, and I figured I'd take the opportunity to answer this here, because it's relevant to so many people that I talk to.

How to ... overcome perfectionism.m4v

Are you a perfectionist?

A recovering perfectionist?

Can you relate?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Calvin Correli

Share What You Care About

statue-of-liberty-medium.jpgI've just come across something that's shaken me up, in a good way.

I've long been wanting to write a book. In fact, I have several drafts of half books, abandoned, never finished.

Tonight, I was browsing around in Julia Cameron's book The Right to Write, when I remembered a book I read a long time ago: Gerald Weinberg's Weinberg on Writing: The Fieldstone Method.

And right there, in the beginning, was the key that I've been looking for. Something that I've obviously read before, and long ago forgotten. Which is this:

Most people tell you to write what you know about. Forget that. Instead, write what you care about.

He goes on to say:

"I've violated that rule ["write what you know about"] countless times in my career. In fact, I start most of my writing projects because I don't know about something. For me, writing about a subject is one of the best ways to learn about it. And, of course, if I don't care about it, why would I want to learn about it?"

flying-scarf-medium.jpgThat, right there, unlocked so much creativity and juice in me, I just had to share it.

Turns out, that's what I've mostly done with this newsletter, although I could do it even more.

I think it's a good rule for teaching, for doing online courses, as well: Teach what you care about. Even if you don't know it, yet. Take that as an opportunity to find out, and then share that.

It's much more valuable to learn from someone who truly cares. That's exactly the ingredient that was missing in school for most of us growing up.

So go teach what you care about. What are you waiting for?

Interview on Everyday Light Warriors

I was interviewed by Yenny Stromgren on Everyday Light Warriors  (iTunes).

This one was probably my most relaxed interview to date. I had a lot of fun with Yenny. Enjoy!

nike-soccer-medium.jpgNew Features in Simplero

We have an exciting bit of news for those of you who regularly schedule appointments with your customers. This week, our good friends over at Acuity Scheduling launched an official integration with Simplero. With just a few simple steps, you can now synchronize your clients to Simplero when they schedule appointments. Acuity Scheduling has a quick guide on how to set this up.

Random Links from around the Interwebs

The cost of light has fallen by a factor of about 500,000 since prehistoric times.

Contrary to what some people are suggesting, terrorism is actually massively overreported, and that has serious consequences. It's nowhere near as big a danger as the conversation would suggest. And that's the entire point of terrorism.

The internet as it was in 1996. Ah, the good old days. Love how he pronounces URL. Via kottke.

Lots of love,

Sherrie Williams

Meet Elizabeth Kipp of Elizabeth Kipp Media

Tell me a little about your business…

Stress & Chronic Pain Management

What brought you to Simplero?

Ease of platform use

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

Funnels, email list, newsletters

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

Grown my list, helped bring in customers

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

How many details I would have to keep track of all at once

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

X-Games fan

EK-portrait-recolored-by-Greg-Cohane-small.jpgElizabeth Kipp is a longtime seeker of truths with a foot each in the spiritual and scientific worlds. Her life experiences and training enable her to bridge the gap between these two worlds. Elizabeth has taken a three-pronged approach to the role of health facilitator, and helps people unleash their inherent power to heal. To achieve this, she uses a grounding in science, a foundation in the spiritual world, and a lifetime of experience. She has authored a number of peer-reviewed research papers in her areas of expertise and is an international best-selling author.

 Elizabeth is a Health Facilitator, Empowerment Coach, EFT/Tapping and Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, helping people to step into the power of their own healing. She has turned her attention as a patient advocate and health facilitator in service to the alarmingly high population of people who suffer from stress, chronic pain, and the quest for a life free from suffering.

Calvin Correli

How Do I Get Started with My Online Course Business?

This is a question I get asked a lot, and so I figured I'd spend a few minutes recording the answer to this. There's definitely a best way to get started, and I'll tell you in the video below.

The short answer is:

  • Go where the money is
  • Just do the sales page to begin with
  • Find one good affiliate

Boom! This method has generated people tens of thousands of dollars within weeks of starting their online business. There are no guarantees, of course, but this is how you maximize your chances.

Here's the detailed answer:

How to get started with your online course business.mp4

Sherrie Williams

Meet Ellany Lea of Reinvented

Tell me a little about your business…

I have lived and worked from 104 countries! My business is called Reinvented, it's a haven for women entrepreneurs to be supported, championed and sheltered while they reinvent themselves. It's a place where they don't have to be the strongest person in the room nor become the best man they can be. It's a soft place to land to shift all their beliefs that they have to work like an ox to be happy and free. I have several digital nomads follow my work. I teach practical self-compassion and practical location-independent living. Simplero has played a huge part in making this possible. Thank you more than words can say! I'm really good at improv so would be excited to play with you on a podcast. I'm also really good at making lists, so can send you a list of speaking points if that works better for you. Cheerios! Ella

What brought you to Simplero?

Multi-system chaos from Aweber (for mailing list) + 1shopping cart (for e-commerce) + SendOwl (for e-course delivery) and I still couldn't tag my clients without buying additional connector apps.

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

I write to my readers via Simplero. I deliver e-courses to my students via Simplero. I process all my client payments and auto-delivery of client materials via Simplero. There's nothing I don't do with Simplero

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

Oh. My. God. It's streamlined so gracefully everything I could possibly need in the digital space in ONE place. The relief I felt after everything was migrated to Simplero was just as good, maybe even better than the feeling of taking of ice skates after 3 hours in the cold.

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

That some things take far longer than we think. That other things happen in a split second of serendipity. That some things are way harder than we think. That other things are so easy we wonder why we even procrastinated avoiding it.

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I've had 7 different careers before I turned 30

Ellany-Lea-original-small.jpgEllany Lea, CPCC, PCC, CDWF, is a certified success coach, positive psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, and lifestyle entrepreneur.
As Chief Reinventor, Ellany founded Reinvented, a haven for women overachievers, polymaths, entrepreneurs and founders to exhale, be real and feel enough. She's also a resiliency researcher, a writer and an illumination mentor.
Ellany has lived and worked in 100+ countries, with past careers with the United Nations and Médecins Sans Frontières.
Her greatest accomplishment is having raised her parents without giving up on her own dreams.
Calvin Correli

I Can Haz Monies?

For this episode, Georgian Benta asks a really great question that I think a lot of you can really relate to. It basically boils down to: How can I have a better relationship with money (and have more of it).

It's such a great question that touches on so many aspects of life, and I really went deep on this one.

If you've been too busy to watch the last few episodes, this is definitely the one to get back in the game for.


Let me know what you think.

I'm so looking forward to hearing what you took from this episode!

Random Links from around the Interwebs

Let's fix tomatoes! The scary part, though, is the young person who prefers the bland tomatoes you can buy today! Reminds me of this Jamie Oliver clip where he shows children different vegetables and they have no idea what hey are. How far removed we've become from our biological nature, it's crazy!

Donald Trump's old Android phone is a national security threat, but not in the way that you'd think.

Hollywood as we know it is already over.

Lots of love,

Sherrie Williams

Meet Nikolaos Floratos of Funding Expert Academy

Tell me a little about your business…

I am Nikolaos Floratos the founder of Funding Expert Academy that transforms individuals into professionals in Grant proposal development. My focus is on funds and programmes provided by European Union but also countries from all over the world can benefit from the recipe that I have developed. Anyone and I mean anyone can become an expert in exploiting grants successfully. Any person that follows the proper framework and guidance can develop a successful/great grant proposal in the same manner that anyone can create a great meal with the right recipe and support. Especially, small and medium enterprises as well as freelancers and startup owners can benefit significantly from my recipe.

What brought you to Simplero?

I was looking for cost effective alternatives to Infusionsoft and initially I had experiment with Ontraport but I wasn't satisfied and then I checked Simplero that I loved it from the first moment.

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

I have been experimenting with it and also paying its subscription for more than a year but now after following some marketing launch seminars I know exactly what I need and how to find that in Simplero.

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

It has allowed me to collect some new leads based on widely used marketing techniques as well as to get my first income from online services. Most of my income which is quite significant comes from face-to-face training that I deliver all over the world on grant proposal development but all this travelling is exhausting me and I wish to focus now on line course delivery and experience.

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

Anything can be learned either via the hard way (almost on your own) such as writing successful grant proposals or via the easy way that is learning by others through their courses and coaching.

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I have travelled and worked in all countries in Europe (apart from Estonia)!


Nikolaos Floratos is the founder of Funding Expert Academy (www.FundingExpert.Academy ) and he is ranked by Google and Linkedin in the top three positions as funding expert. After his undergraduate and postgraduate studies as engineer in London, UK, at City University and Imperial College, he has been working for a number of consultancy and Information Technology companies as consultant and project manager across Europe. He completed also an MBA (Master in Business Administration) and the last 19 years he is involved in planning, managing and evaluating large and small projects in the area of research, education, ICT (Information Communication Technologies), social inclusion, entrepreneurship, standardization and consumer issues.  As a trainer and coach, he has supported hundreds of individuals and organisations from more than sixty countries on raising and managing state funding (e.g.  from European Commission, National Funds, etc) and receive support for deploying their business  or research idea or their mission.

He is an expert on behalf of the European Commission on evaluating and reviewing research and innovation projects and proposals since 2003 and currently, through his PhD research at UOC university in Barcelona, he focuses on student engagement and he has proved that anyone can master even complicated subjects very fast by receiving training in an engaging way and with the proper methodology.  So he delivers all his speeches, presentations, courses, seminars and coaching sessions based on continuous interactions from his audience and based on “recipes” that allow his audience to absorb easily what they should master and achieve extraordinary results very quickly. He has received more than 50 recommendations at his linkedin profile ( as a funding expert, coach and trainer. In addition to all his recommendations in his linkedin profile as Horizon 2020 trainer and coach, you can have a look also on his latest ebook on "who are the champions in Horizon 2020 and what you can learn from them", as well as in his blog related to European funding and in his personal  website

Sherrie Williams

Meet Helle Buttrup of Greenie online

Tell me a little about your business…

I help therapists, coaches, consultants and life style business owners to figure out their online marketing. I teach them email marketing, facebook, website creation and online course creation

What brought you to Simplero?

Simplero was the natural choice when i started out. I took some courses that where hosted on the platform.

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

I practically run everything on Simplero now. I have a few website and like to build my own landingpages, but i have most of my course material in Simplero as well as my email list

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

It has given me the possibility to do a lot of interesting tests, to see what works best. The many features makes it fairly easy to try out new things and improve after the initial fase

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

That it takes a lot of work and that advertising is not a cost but an investment. And that the prices of your products have to be thought through quite a lot.

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I just can't stop dating rock musicians


 Helle Marie Buttrup helps you to find the right tools and the right strategy for you online marketing and business. She has helped over 200 coaches, therapists an consultants to figure out the online game of marketing and she provides online courses and mentorship programs to help you learn and grow.

Greenie Online

Sherrie Williams

Meet Howard Jacobson of Plant Yourself

hj-headphones-headshot-2016-cropped-normal.jpgTell me a little about your business…

I guide people to make big changes in their lives, starting with diet and exercise. I've co-written two books with T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, and after meeting and talking with readers and fans of the books, I realized that implementation was the missing piece. As a former digital marketing strategist, executive coach, and teacher, I realized that I had a lot of skills and strategies that could help people struggling to adopt healthier lifestyles. I teamed up with Josh LaJaunie, a former 420-pound ex-football player from Louisiana who was just featured on the cover of Runner's World magazine for his ultra-marathoning feats, to create the Big Change Program, a year-long odyssey that begins with food and running, but really encompasses the human quest to excavate and celebrate our best, most authentic selves. I also host the Plant Yourself Podcast, with over 190 episodes dedicated to supporting a joyful, healthy, engaged plant-based life.

What brought you to Simplero?

My friend and mentor Rob Goyette started using it, and I had been struggling for years with an aging ecommerce platform that was getting harder and harder to use (and more and more expensive). I gave Simplero a try, and was enchanted both by the elegance and functionality of the software, and the heart and soul of the team behind it.

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

I've replaced MailChimp, Aweber, 1shoppingcart, and Wishlist member, and am running all my emails, courses, and commerce through Simplero. It's so nice to have 1 system that is integrated, with all parts thought out to fit together, rather than the hodgepodge of services I used to use.

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

I can serve more people and spend less time doing the administrative work, and more time creating and thinking and teaching and writing.

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

Models are great, but breakthroughs come from ignoring conventional wisdom and capitalizing on your unique passions and quirks.

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I once played the recorder and Brooke Shields danced as we waited for our laundry to finish.


hj-headphones-headshot-2016-cropped-small.jpgHoward Jacobson, PhD is a health educator, author, and broadcaster from Pittsboro, North Carolina. He is host of the Plant Yourself Podcast and contributing author to Proteinaholic, by Garth Davis, MD, and Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, by T. Colin Campbell. Howard is also co-founder of the Big Change Program, with Josh LaJaunie. Howard coaches, consults, and speaks on health and fitness for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.



Want to be a featured customer? Introduce yourself to our team!


Calvin Correli

Friend or Foe?

It's (still) 2017, baby!

Today's Calvin Show Episode is ... "Friend or Foe?"

We talk about:

  • Do you have enemies in business?
  • Getting legal threats from Zendesk
  • When to fire someone
  • Is the Universe really your friend? Really? 


Do I look like an 80s teen heartthrob or what??

Go watch it now, and remember to leave a question or a comment.

Like Giving Interviews?

I do. I love it. I've mentioned a couple times here that if you'd like to interview me for your audience, I'd love to participate.

Last month, fellow Simplerista Nicole Holland, interviewed me for her podcast, the Business Building Rockstars Show (here's her interview of me). After the interview I told her how much I'd enjoyed it, and that I'd love to do a lot more interviews, and I asked her if she'd be interested in helping me getting booked on other podcasts.

To say that she ran with that idea would be an understatement. The next day, she came back with a proposal, which I immediately jumped at. She's been super systematic and structured about it, coming up with a process that makes it super easy for me to show up and knock it out of the park. And she's been so great at continually improving the process, something I'm a big fan of. It's just such a joy to work with someone who's so committed and so excited about the work they do.

These days I'm doing about 4 interviews a week, and I basically just have to show up and be present. It's so much fun! All thanks to Nicole.

So if you're looking for increasing your visibility through giving interviews to podcasters, check out Nicole and her offering. You won't regret it. She's absolutely amazing, and it's been so much fun to watch her taking this idea and running with it.

Check out Nicole and what she does here.


Simplero Mentioned in Wired UK

Amanda Spann, we're eternally grateful for the shout-out in Wired UK. Than you SO much. If you're reading this, get in touch. Would love to talk to you.


New Features in Simplero

With the new year in full swing, we're back at it working on the next big step in letting you customize Simplero to its fullest. For the non-coders, this will mostly happen in our new customizer interface, where you will be able to make changes and browse around your content live to see what it looks like as you're customizing it. We're really excited to have a much more powerful and intuitive tool for getting the look you desire along with some fresh templates, but for now, I'll leave you with a sneak peek:


For the internationally minded of you, there is however some very exciting news to share this week. One of our great customers, Dr. Vítor Oliveira, who runs his business, Opinião Médica, on Simplero, has put in a massive effort over the last weeks to fully translate Simplero into Portuguese. We can't thank Dr. Oliveira enough for his efforts on this!

Random Links from around the Interwebs

President Bartlet jacket flips. I did this for my most recent photo shoot this weekend. So much fun!

The dazzling and depressing architecture of density in megacities.

Official State of Vermont Maple Syrup logo. Oops!

Lots of love,

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