Help the kid

Something that's been on my mind a lot lately ...

Whenever you're triggered, emotionally challenged, it's always, and only always, because you're not there for the little boy or little girl that lives inside you.

When you're making that sales call, and you feel scared unworthy ... it's because the little kid inside is having feelings, and you're not there for him or her.

When you're afraid you're not good enough, that you'll get boo'd on stage, that you don't have what it takes ... it's...

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Challenge and love

I love the feeling of rising to a challenge.

Can I do 50 more push-ups?

Can I grow my company by 10x?

Can I lose the fat?

Can I make this business work so I can quit my day job?


But sometimes you miss, right?

And how do you feel then?

Do you hate your body for its fat?

Do you get down on yourself for not making enough money?


We need both the challenge and the love.

We need to be challenged. Preferably by ourselves.

And we need to be loved unconditionally. Again, definitely by...

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When things get too good

Yesterday, I had such an awesome, awesome day.

I met with people that gave me tremendous compliments and ideas and insights that I could build on for an incredible future.

My team was all fired up and creative and brainstorming, planning our massive 10x breakthrough.

We had these massive custom made art pieces mounted on the walls of our home, and it looked absolutely amazing.

And yet, the day ended like shit.

I had an argument with Nomi.

I couldn't sleep.

I felt sorry for myself.

I knew...

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Plan backwards

One of my favorite tricks for planning projects is to plan backwards.

If I'm going to get to my goal, what absolutely has to be in place?

What else?

What else?

And then you just keep moving backwards from there.

Most people make the mistake of planning forwards. That gets them lots of things they think they need to do. Most of them wrong.

Say you want to launch a new course.

What absolutely has to be in place?

Obviously, you need the know what the product is, what the price is, who...

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There's always a reason

I've been doing Keto for a few months now.

And in the beginning, it was working perfectly. I was dropping body fat, feeling really good.

It was like I could feel myself more. I could feel my inner boy.

But then it was like it stopped working.

It even felt like the fat started to crawl back on.

So I added intermittent fasting. I'd stop eating at 8 pm and not start eating again until noon.

Still nothing.

Then I added some exogenous ketones. I'd used them in the beginning, but it felt like...

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Work from your genius, not your excellence

I had a conversation last night with a great friend who has two tracks within her business. One brings in a lot of money, and she’s really great at it. The other is her deep passion, and she’s really awesome at that, too.

As we were talking, she realized that when she’d taken a break from the first, her life had been fantastic. She’d never felt better. Business was booming, despite barely touching it.

But as soon as she’d gotten back into that business, her...

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Customizing Your Simplero Website Theme To Do What You Want


Hey everyone!

I’m Damon and I recently joined Simplero as Head of Support.

For the past few weeks I’ve been in the trenches helping to resolve your issues and your questions to understand what the Simpleristas and Simpleristos are really going through.

A common ticket we get around here is - can the Simplero theme do [insert your amazing idea]?

The fact is the default theme wasn’t built to accommodate everyone’s awesome ideas, but with a little technical chops,...

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What My Book Is Going to Be about (and Why)

I’ve tried to write a book at least five times in the past.

What I’ve done in the past is just sit down and write every day, and then see where it leads.

I can do that. Easily. I’ll happily write a thousand words a day or more, and pretty soon I’ll have 60,000 words and no clue where I’m going.

And then I’ve stopped.

Of course, it’s the stopping part that’s done me in.

But I don’t think this approach is right for me. I work best when I...

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We Launched a Mastermind and Failed ... Sort Of

Quick backstory

Since my first meeting with Richard Branson back in February, I’ve been focused on getting more into living my life purpose.

So I recently went back to have another listen to a fingerprint life purpose session I had with Baeth Davis back in 2015, and it was eye-opening.

According to my fingerprints, I’m here to be on stage, bringing the audience in my hologram, sharing my vision, like Steve Jobs.

I’m here to help people realize their core identity. And...

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What I Learned from a Week on Necker

calvin richard branson breakfast.jpg

I went to Necker Island for a week with a bunch of other entrepreneurs, some incredibly successful, all super generous and inspiring.

Going to Necker and meeting Richard Branson was something I’d wanted to do for a decade, and this year, the opportunity presented itself, and I jumped on it.

It was a scary thing to do. A week on Necker is not cheap. As we left the island, Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko was waiting for his turn in one of the world’s most expensive and...

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