PayPal and order bumps finally got together (improvements for QuickPay and others, too)

Selling with order bumps used to be impossible in Simplero if you were collecting payment via PayPal. And if you were using QuickPay, the order bump would work but in some cases the wrong amount would show on the checkout button in QuickPay. (Like PayPal, paying via QuickPay involves your customer visiting a separate page controlled by the payment provider.)

As of earlier this week, order bumps work just fine with PayPal and will show the correct total in QuickPay. There's a little bonus for St…

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Visa trial subscription changes

Visa has some new requirements around subscriptions that have free or discounted trial periods going into effect April 18, 2020. (Yes, on Saturday. Really, Visa?) If you don't sell a subscription with a promotional period, you can skip this one. Just know Simplero has your back, and go watch Dadosaur eat the Easter cake.

What do you need to do?

Not much! We have you covered. Just make sure your posted terms & conditions include your cancelation policy.

What has changed?

  • The "Cancel at any …

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New feature: Only show page section during a specific time period

You asked

You can now decide that a specific section on a page should only be shown during a specific time window.

Maybe there's an offer with an expiration date.

Or maybe you want to pre-schedule some special announcement.

Whatever it is, you can now do it.

Thank you for the suggestion, Jørgen Melchiorsen!

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3 profitable lessons from a testimonial



[The story of how Simplero is doing]


Recently I got this VERY short (but interesting) email from a new customer, whom I had just chatted with a few days before to help her get started with Simplero.

This is all she wrote: 

Thanks! We just had a great hour together.



She was referring to an hour she spent with our head of Concierge, Beth.

I just love getting feedback like that, but I also like to know what we specifically did, that made the customer happy...

So I asked her …

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Want to learn about our success?



[The story of how Simplero is doing]


So, did you watch Calvin's recent "State of the Simplero"-talk already?

If not, here is why you should do it.

And I would argue...

Why you should re-visit it, even if you DID watch it.

This talk is so darn riddled with gold nuggets you can use to steer clear of hazardous icebergs in your own business. I just watched it for the second time and was taking notes like crazy. I realize that your business may be a lot different from ours—but that is actu…

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How to know if you're doing the (right) thing...



Tips from a boat-trip


Let me tell you (yet another) story.

(I wish some of it wasn't true).

In February 2019 Simplero's marketing team met up in San Diego. We attended a very interesting marketing conference, but maybe even more important; we got together to pump up our teams' internal synergy (which is always magical). On the very first day, Calvin had bought us tickets for a 5 hour trip on a luxury yacht with a helicopter pad and free drinks. Apart from being a nice gesture, the hours…

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How cool the president (Calvin) really is...


True story.

When I was a boy, I thought I was really strong, so one time I was visiting a traveling fair with my cousins, and there was this boxing ball that you could punch to see how much of a big man you were.

I broke my wrist that day, my arm was put in plaster from knuckles to shoulder, and I reckon that would have stopped most teenagers from pursuing any goal.

But I was dead set on publishing a new bi-monthly magazine about a British rock'n'roll artist.

And bear in mind, we had no pers…

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How Beth got fully booked..


(How to decide if we're a match) 


This internal message came up in Simplero's chat-app a few days ago.

(I've shortened it for this purpose, but you get the picture—some resources are scarce).

= = =

Hi all,

I wanted to make everyone aware that Concierge appointments are fully booked for next week.

We have 5 Concierge Migration customers starting next week, plus ongoing clients...

So I'm asking for your help to manage expectations for new folks.

Could Support and Marketing staff drop me…

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[Part 2 of 2] Joshua and the (sprint) juice



... and the superpower that made Simplero happen.


Joshua who—from what I hear—writes the meanest code, had one fantastic insight to share the other day at our daily huddle. The daily huddle is a 15 minutes meeting we have to hold ourselves and each other accountable for what we're working on and a chance to share if we're blocked on anything. When you work with colleagues many timezones apart, it's nice to have these meetings.

After all, there is no water cooler in Simplero.

Like Asgard…

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[Part 1 of 2] How to sprint your way out of boredom and into engagement



... and the superpower that made Simplero happen.


It's funny, but true.

I can't talk to anyone about how I love to run on a treadmill, without them telling me how it's so beautiful to run in nature, not being stuck inside a fitness studio.


Maybe I don't like nature, okay!?

Actually, it's not that at all.

But what is it then?

Why do I love sprinting on the treadmill more than any other cardio exercise?

Well, for one thing, I would probably fall and hurt myself if I tried to do…

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