Product Updates

Membership levels and monthly/annual price switching

Would you like to offer different service or access levels for your membership site—for example, Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership—and let your customers upgrade themselves to higher levels?

Or would you like to offer annual and monthly pricing for your subscription, AND let your customers switch between them with prorated pricing?

Now you can, on the Rule the World plan.

Here's what the upgrade process looks like when both features are combined in a membership level group of three differ…

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PayPal and order bumps finally got together (improvements for QuickPay and others, too)

Selling with order bumps used to be impossible in Simplero if you were collecting payment via PayPal. And if you were using QuickPay, the order bump would work but in some cases the wrong amount would show on the checkout button in QuickPay. (Like PayPal, paying via QuickPay involves your customer visiting a separate page controlled by the payment provider.)

As of earlier this week, order bumps work just fine with PayPal and will show the correct total in QuickPay. There's a little bonus for St…

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Introducing a new Support Ticket Widget!

We're really excited to introduce a new feature that has been highly requested within the Simplero community. 

It's called a Support Ticket Widget and it's going to allow you to communicate with your customers in a much easier way! 

It's also going to allow your customers to find immediate answers to their questions. Immediate answer plus no support ticket is a win-win! 

Here's a quick video on how it works and how to configure it on your site: 

Here is the custom CSS to copy that I m…

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Introducing the simplified Simplero admin experience!

Today we're opening beta access to the new, redesigned Simplero admin experience. 

After interviewing dozens of Simplero users—brand new, existing, and ex-users—we kept hearing one piece of consistent feedback: "The admin area is too confusing!"

And it rings true. Over the years we added more and more capabilities to Simplero, and the overall organization and navigation of the application never got the attention it needed to keep up.

With this redesign we're getting back to one of our core pr…

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Simplero complies with EU payments regulation PSD2 with SCA support

If you're in the European Economic Area, you've probably been keeping an eye on the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) with its new requirement for online payments to implement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which often involves adding an additional step to the checkout process.

Banks and many payment gateways have been slow to implement compliance solutions, and many jurisdictions have chosen to delay enforcement of the SCA requirement, but the earliest date when compliance may b…

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Customizing Your Simplero Website Theme To Do What You Want


Hey everyone!

I’m Damon and I recently joined Simplero as Head of Support.

For the past few weeks I’ve been in the trenches helping to resolve your issues and your questions to understand what the Simpleristas and Simpleristos are really going through.

A common ticket we get around here is - can the Simplero theme do [insert your amazing idea]?

The fact is the default theme wasn’t built to accommodate everyone’s awesome ideas, but with a little technical chops, your Simplero theme can do jus…

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New feature: Make sections on a page or landing page conditional

Did you ever wish that you could hide a section on a page or landing page while you're working on it, but still save it, so you don't risk losing your work?

Now you can!

Did you ever wish you could make a specific section on a page only show up to some of the visitors, depending on their situation?

Well, now you can!

Watch the video to find out how!


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New feature: Countdown automations without the fuss

Ever wanted to send a series of countdown emails leading up to some event, such as a webinar, the start of a course, or a subscription renewing or expiring?

The problem was, what if people join the automation late? In that case, they'd get all of the emails before that point all at once. That's obviously not very helpful.

So we fixed it!

Now go do something useful with it!

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Create everything you need for a highly converting campaign instantly

Have you ever had a great idea for a campaign or sale only to have your heart sink as you think about the work that needs to be done to set it up?

You need to build a landing page, a product, tags, an email series, the automation for those emails, etc. The list goes on.

Not only does that kill your excitement and drive for the idea you just had, but it costs you money and sucks away time that you should be spending with your family or really just doing anything else.

But what if you could do …

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New Worksheet Feedback Feature

Response screen

We are excited to drop you another amazing new feature this week!  So many of you have been looking for ways to better engage with your course participants. Many of you want ways to communicate with your students and users.  As a result, we have added the ability to engage users in worksheets. 

As a coach and teacher you don't want to just hear from your students you want to be able to give them feedback and to engage with them in conversation. If that sounds like you, get ready to meet our lat…

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