Membership levels and monthly/annual price switching

Would you like to offer different service or access levels for your membership site—for example, Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership—and let your customers upgrade themselves to higher levels?

Or would you like to offer annual and monthly pricing for your subscription, AND let your customers switch between them with prorated pricing?

You can turn on these features in the Test Track and try them out if you have the Rule the World plan.

Here's what the upgrade process looks like when both features are combined in a membership level group of three different products, each with monthly and annual pricing:

If you'd like to setup this up for yourself, don't forget to go to the Test Track and turn it on! Once membership levels are enable (assuming you're on the Rule the World plan), you'll be able to setup your membership level group and flexible subscription pricing like this:


Looks Awesome!!!! And nice and simple! Can't wait to dig in! Thanks! 💚

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Brilliant - I so want to do this exact thing - yay!! This will be something to work on with my lovely Concierge Guru this week  :-)  

Thank you xxxx

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This is really great! Thanks so much for adding this feature!

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