Spirituality done right is just reality

A lot of people think spirituality is some woo-woo stuff.

Like that's all fine and good on Sundays, but it's not really how the world works.

But here's the thing.

It is.

Who are you? Really?

Dig deep enough, and you find that all you know is that you're aware. You are what witnesses your thoughts and your experiences.

Dig deep enough into the world of physics, and you realize nothing is what it seems.

There's no such thing as a solid object.

We don't really know what force holds the protons and electrons and neutrons and atoms in my desk together.

We don't know how the eggs we ate for breakfast can remember our childhood. But they do.

Life's way more mysterious than we go around pretending day to day.

Ancient spiritual truths and the world of physics end up looking eerily similar.

Even the more recent notion that we live in a simulation is surprisingly compatible with ancient spiritual truths.

I think there's something to it. I just don't think we live inside a giant computer. I think we are life itself. We are the universe.

We're not in it, we are it.

"You", "me", the guy across the street. We're not just collections of atoms inside a bag of skin.

We're part and parcel of each other.

We're the same thing.

Even if our senses try real hard to deceive us.

With passion,

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