Open Positions

Who We Are

We're Simplero. We believe in making things simpler.

Simpler to start & grow a business.

Simpler to connect with people & transform their lives.

Simpler to transform your own.

We're a good mix of talented and caring people from all over the world, who support each other in making a fantastic product and provide exceptional customer service (just check our Trustpilot reviews), and making things simpler for our customers.

As a company, we don't take a political or activist stances, although our founder has been known to voice a strong opinion or two. We don't all have to agree or try to make the world agree with anything. We're here to have fun, do great work, and to care for, learn from, and serve others.

For 14 years, we've been running a profitable, bootstrapped, no-nonsense business focused on simple. We don't plan on taking on VC money, and we don't plan to exit. We're building a company we want to work at every single day. A place that allows us to do meaningful work that impacts people in a real way.

Our stakeholders are our founder, our team, and our customers.


Who You Are

You're talented, skilled, kind, friendly, and excited to make a difference.

You're great at what you do, and you love learning new things and improving your skills, your mindset, and your way of being.

You're self-aware, and curious about others.

We don't care about your background, where you come from, what you look like, or where you live. Only who you are and the work you do today, and who you're becoming.

What It's Like to Work Here

It's simple.

We offer a very supportive, low-stress environment.

No internal games, politics or backstabbing. No red tape or heavy-handed process.

We put a lot of love and care into what we do. We're craftsmen, creators, makers. We take pride and joy in the work we do, and it shows.

It's an environment where you're trusted to manage yourself, and given the resources and support to do your best work.

We do a lot of project based work in small cross-functional teams, with innovation, creativity, brainstorming, and quick and collective decision making.

We trust (and need) everyone to bring their own insight and judgment to work. The person closes to the work often has the best ideas, and the best vantage point to come up with breakthrough insights that make things simpler.


  • Laptop or other gear you need to be productive. (up to $1500, yours to keep after one year)
  • Audible membership
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work in a remote-first company
  • Amazing team support and community
  • Full access to Simplero's internal training library—tons of cool stuff to learn about
  • Free-for-life Simplero account

For full-time team members also:

  • 4 weeks of paid vacation per year, increasing to 5 after three years
  • 10 sick/health/wellness days
  • 10 national holidays
  • Wellness stipend to help pay for your gym
  • Health stipend in countries without national health care

Core Values

Make it simpler(o)

Simple is hard to do, but oh so awesome when you get it right. It requires creativity, maybe even a stroke of genius, and patience to let the right idea gestate. When done right, it the outcome is not just simple, but elegantly simple.

Growth Mindset

Always looking for ways to improve and be better, whether it's the product, our communication, our processes, or ourselves. Not because we hate what is. Because we love making it better.

Real Talk

We relate to others like they're people. We care and we're real with them. We tell the truth, to ourselves and to others. We own both our mistakes and our wins.