Become a Simplero Partner

Make money sharing what you love. Downside: None.

We'll Make a Great Team

This is an incredible opportunity to promote a product you love, to people who will love it just as much as you.

It's a way to support other people in doing what they came to this planet to do, while serving yourself in the process.

As a Simplero partner, you earn an ongoing 20% commission on the sales you refer. This means that as long as the customer you referred stays with us, you will be making money from that one referral you made all the way back at the start.

And of course, the more customers you refer, the more passive income for you. We do all the hard work of keeping our software running smoothly, answering their questions, and keeping everything running smoothly.

That said, we strongly encourage you to really nurture the customers that you bring on board. Help them overcome the first initial bump, help them get their list imported, their products uploaded, and their funnels created. Help them be successful in their business. The better they do, and the longer they stay in business, the better for everyone.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please reach out.

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All the little details to keep in mind

We hate to spend time disputing the little stuff, so here's a summary of the details, for everyone's sanity.

  • To qualify for the Simplero Partner Program, you must be a Simplero customer for at least 6 months. Don't yet qualify? Check out our reward program.
  • The commission is 20% of our net revenue from the customer pays us, excluding any taxes and refunds
  • Your commission is paid out monthly, with a 45-day delay. Any refunds, though, are deducted to your balance immediately, to make sure we won't have to ask you for money back.
  • The affiliate tracking is automatic. If a customer clicks your affiliate link and sometime later creates a new Simplero account, you will earn commission on that sale, provided the cookies are still in place.
  • We allow a 14-day grace period to change which Affiliate is credited for which Enrollee, and by joining the partner program, you agree to that term.
  • If the customer in question already has an account, or they have had one in the past 12 months, whether they activated or not, you won't earn a commission for that customer. The partner program is for new customers that you bring us only.
  • An account will be associated with you as an affiliate when it is first created.
  • You cannot get affiliate comission for businesses you own in whole or part, nor for family members.
  • You are not allowed to run any ads that use our logo or our name without our written consent. That includes Google adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and any other possible form of advertising. This is to avoid confusion with our own marketing.
  • You're responsible for any taxes owed on your part, and are subject to any rules in your own country or between your country and the United States of America.

Please also read the complete terms.