How to crush your (business) goals 💪💥

What's up?

What are your business goals for the next six months?

Looking to get started?

Looking to grow significantly?

This is the time to set ambitious goals. Advertising costs are way down. It's easier than ever to hire great people. The stock market is way up. There's still plenty of people out there with money to spend.

It's time to invest and grow.

Here's a great way to make absolutely sure you hit those ambitious goals.

  1. Define your goal clearly: What metric, by what date.
  2. Now double it!
  3. Then come up with three strategies, each of which will separately get you to your goal
  4. Execute all three diligently

That should get you to your goal.

It's about not taking any chances.

If you set a goal, you better mean it.

Get in the habit of hitting your goals. That's a habit worth establishing.

With passion,

Spirituality done right is just reality
Don't leave anything to chance 👊


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