Stop comparing yourself to others!!

We all do it.

We look at people on social media and think they have it made.

We look at a billionaire on his private island and think he's got it all figured out.

We look at someone on TV and think they're so much better than us.

But there's no point.

Everyone's different.

Everyone's here for a different purpose.

Everyone's been dealt with a different set of cards.

Everyone is here to learn and grow in different ways.

All we ever can compare is our own lived experience with our own projection onto someone else.

We can never know what their life is really like.

What it's like to be inside them.

Instead, just do you.

I know, it sounds so trite.

But that's all we can do. It's what we must do.

If I'm busy living over in you, who's here living me? Nobody!


I remember looking at other SaaS entrepreneurs that were more successful than me and use it to beat myself up.

Then I woke up out of my self-imposed nightmare, and remembered, I'm here for a completely different purpose.

I'm here to help show humanity a way forward beyond the political tribalism.

I'm here to raise consciousness.

Why compare with someone playing a whole different game than I am? Makes no sense.

Make a commitment to yourself to never compare yourself to others.

Sure, a friendly competition always has its place. But only if it brings you joy.


With passion,

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