Simplero complies with EU payments regulation PSD2 with SCA support

If you're in the European Economic Area, you've probably been keeping an eye on the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) with its new requirement for online payments to implement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which often involves adding an additional step to the checkout process.

Banks and many payment gateways have been slow to implement compliance solutions, and many jurisdictions have chosen to delay enforcement of the SCA requirement, but the earliest date when compliance may be required was last Saturday, September 14.

How does PSD2/SCA affect you?

If you're not in Europe

PSD2 doesn't apply to you. Relax. (But go ahead and read the next section, 'cause there's some good news in there for you, too.)

If you're using Stripe to process payments with Simplero

Simplero has a new Stripe integration that's fully SCA-capable, which includes automatic support for 3D Secure and its successor, 3DS2. Your customers won't be presented with any additional challenge unless it's needed to process the transaction or save the ability to charge the card in the future, as with installment plans or subscriptions.

This upgrade to the latest and greatest Stripe support will also make it easier for us to roll out additional payment options in the near future. Stay tuned!

If you're using QuickPay or PayPal

These payment service providers host the checkout process themselves, so they're handling SCA requirements for you.

If you're using another gateway through Spreedly

Alas, most payment service providers we support through Spreedly are not yet PSD2-compliant. We are continuing to work with Spreedly to support their SCA capabilities as they become available. Among other things, you'll usually need to change a setting or two with your payment service provider.

If you're in Europe and using Authorize.Net, though, you won't be able to just wait for support. Authorize.Net won't be upgrading to support SCA, so you'll need to choose another gateway (and in our opinion there's not much to love about CyberSource, the alternative VISA is trying to offer you). We continue to recommend Stripe if it is available in your country.

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