Product Updates

New Feature: Affiliate Tiers

Having affiliates market for you is awesome. They refer customres to you, you both make money, and the customer gets a product that really helps them in their lives. It's easy for your affiliate, it's easy for you, and you only pay a commission on the sales you actually make. Much better than paid advertising where you pay per click, no matter whether you make a sale or not.


Some great affiliates also have networks of other great affiliates, and they can help you by making...

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New Feature: Admins without Access to Financials

You can now add administrators to your account and not give them the keys to the entire store.

The intention is to be able to invite people to help work for you, without them being able to see how much money you're making. I know a lot of you feel uncomfortable sharing this information with your VA for example.

The new role will still be able to manage purchases and pay out affiliates, and if they're really keen to know, they can still add up all the numbers themselves, but we don't show them...

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New Feature: New WYSIWYG Editor

You might notice that the WYSIWYG editor in Simplero and in your spaces looks a little different starting today. That's because we've changed the WYSIWYG editor to a much more modern and full-featured editor that gets rid of the annoying bugs, you might have experienced in the past, and allowed us to add a bunch of new features.

You can now choose custom colors

First of all, you as well as your participants can now upload or—easier still—drag and drop images directly into the WYSIWYG editor. Secondly, you can...

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New Feature: Create Your Own Landing Page Templates

If you're feeling adventurous, or nerdy, you can now design your own templates for both your embedded opt-in forms as well as your stand-alone full landing pages.

Go to Marketing > Templates, and you'll be able to create new templates that you can use for your opt-in forms, sales pages, and so on.

To make it easy for you, you can base it off of one of our templates, which implements all the features and little things necessary to make the whole thing work.

Embedded forms can be shown...

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New Feature: Embed Full Landing Pages on Your Own Site

You can now embed your full-size landing pages on your own website using our genius embed script code.

That way you can host it on your own Wordpress site, or any other website, where you can add a script tag.

You can already have Simplero host your landing page on a domain you own, but you need to dedicate a domain specifically to this landing page, and you need to buy and configure it.

Using the script embed code, you can include it on a site you already own.

To do so, go to your landing...

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New Feature: Triggers on Add/Remove Tag

You can now add triggers on adding or removing tags.

Tags can be a convenient way to organize your actions. Add a tag to a contact, and that tag then triggers an Automation to start, or some other set of actions to happen.

You can also include tags in your raw HTML opt-in forms: Add a field with the name "customer[tag_names]", and whatever gets passed in there will be interpreted as a comma-separated list of tags to add to the contact.

That way you can do a bunch of advanced conditional stuff...

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New Feature: Easier Manual Affiliate Payout

Some of us can't use PayPal's MassPay feature to automate affiliate payouts. That includes Simplero. Since I'm not a US citizen, they won't turn that feature on for us.

So we have to manually run the PayPal transaction for each affiliate that we have to pay. Which is quite a few. We're up to about $4500 in affiliate commissions monthly at this point.

So to make things easier, I've created a new manual affiliate payout screen where you can see the amount you need to pay, the PayPal email...

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New Feature: Customer Editable Fields

When you add custom fields to your account, you can now choose whether your contacts should be able to edit that value themselves or not.

If you let them edit it, they'll be able to see and edit that information on the screen linked from the "manage subscription" link in the footer of emails.

This way you can let them tell you where they live, or when their birthday is, for example.

Go to Lists & Contacts > Fields, and add or edit one of the fields.

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