New Feature: Create Your Own Landing Page Templates

If you're feeling adventurous, or nerdy, you can now design your own templates for both your embedded opt-in forms as well as your stand-alone full landing pages.

Go to Marketing > Templates, and you'll be able to create new templates that you can use for your opt-in forms, sales pages, and so on.

To make it easy for you, you can base it off of one of our templates, which implements all the features and little things necessary to make the whole thing work.

Embedded forms can be shown modal, slide-in, or inline, can have a teaser mode, and a bnuch more.

Full landing pages have different properties.

To get started, go to Marketing > Templates, pick a template that you want to use as a starting point, and get to work tweaking it, or making a completely new one.

Mikkel and Nick have written a guide for how to write the code correctly so it all works.

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