How do I say no to the guy who LITERALLY just stuck an extra $3K in my pocket?!?!



Good question. You don't.


When I asked Megan Meyers this question...

»Say, would you be willing to do do a testimonial interview for us at Simplero?«

... her reply came swiftly within the hour...

= = =

Hey Morten,

How do I say no to the guy who LITERALLY just stuck an extra $3K in my pocket?!?! joy

But really, I think I might be Simplero’s #1 fan so it would be my pleasure.


= = =

I hope to do (and bring) the interview in a not so distant future.

But in the...

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Release the kraken of energy...


... and the superpower that made Simplero happen.

Amazing, true story.

Calvin has created Simplero with a fraction of the resources that the big competitors in the market pour into their developer teams (we know this because they keep it no secret).

Simplero was basically built by him and from time to time one more person.

Now THAT is what I call a Super Power:

»Maintaining the momentum to build a great platform, that—hands down—easilycompetes withbeats the crap out of any competitor out...

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10 years of your life crammed into Simplero...


Fun fact:

Our customers have now uploaded so many videos to Simplero that it would take you (at least) 10 years to watch them all if you spent 8 hours a day in front of your screen and with no breaks might I add... I daresay, however, that for my part it would drive me nuts to watch videos all day long so I might need to double the number of years I spent on that (rather silly) task.

But there is a problem.

The 10 (or 20?) years worth of videos were uploaded in around 8 years with an ever...

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Do them wrongly, and you shall fail misserably


The purpose of talking to yourself.

Many a self-development-guru has tried to convince us that affirmations can transform our lives.

The mere act of saying: »I am getting better every day« to yourself should create a state of mind in your brain that makes you do what is necessary to achieve that goal or purpose.


I don't know if it has worked for you, but I find it odd to say things I don't really believe, because... who am I kidding?

But after hearing Calvin Correli talk about...

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That's why I love the man...


(can't believe I'm telling you this)




Our boss, mister Calvin Correli just did the most amazingly liberating, uplifting, breathtakingly awesome, nothing-short-of-keeeewl live video on the Fakebook.

I had a feeling (from the title), that it would be good.

But after 30-40 seconds—plus through the rest of the video and for the rest of my life I guess—all I could think of was...








And make no mistake about it.

I do NOT call him boss because he is...

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Never on sunday...



Meet the mighty mighty Beth Barr

= = =

You know, I am a long time fan of Bruce Springsteen (well, at least NOW you know).

Once I saw a documentary from one of his recording sessions with the E Street Band, and in between two takes Bruce said to his guitarist AND always charismatic friend Little Steven Van Zandt...

(Steve played the mandolin on this song):

»Steve, I'm not sure that the 'never-on-Sunday-kinda-picking' is what I want here.«

Or something along those lines.


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How to retrieve presents from a (not so distant) past...


Last xmas I gave you my...

= = =

In Denmark we have this lame joke, where in January we say to someone:

= = =

What was the best gift you got for Xmas this year?

= = =

And then...

When people tell us all about their favorite gift, we say:

= = =

Oh, that's strange, because it's only January.

= = =


The only thing funny about it is... that it reminds me of this very insightful video that Calvin did on Xmas eve LAST year—it's about removing clutter from your life, and only keeping the...

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The one thing you should NOT do...


(especially not with your spouse)

= = =

My wife looked very focused, when she walked into our office yesterday, I could see that I had to pay attention, so I stopped what I was doing, looked at her and said:

So, what are you up to?

I want to make a new teacher training course for my previous students or yoga teachers who took another training... An advanced Hands On Corrections class.

»Great«, I said...

»Do you want my help?

I knew she did, but I also knew that the last thing I should do is...

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How to generate loyal customers en masse



3 things we use on a daily basis


I don't know about you.

But me?

I can't get enough of this... (it's an email from Calvin's inbox):


Hi Calvin

Apologies for the direct email communication approach but wanted to ensure that credit is given where it belongs! We are yet to become a customer of simplero but we will be within a matter of weeks. The brilliant product you have was obviously a factor but what finally pulled us across was the customer service of Tracy Raftl!


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3 year old teaches you how to launch a course...


... well, him and the master of Simplero

– – –

We are at McDonalds.

No, it ain't too healthy.

But from time to time we go there, because dang-it, they are good at attracting kids, for them youngsters are always nagging us to go there, whenever they get the chance.

Well done McDonalds, great marketing to make referral monsters out of kids – but that is for another email.

Today I want to talk about the game.

So, whenever we get in there, our youngest son (3 years old) just runs into the...

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