Never on sunday...



Meet the mighty mighty Beth Barr

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You know, I am a long time fan of Bruce Springsteen (well, at least NOW you know).

Once I saw a documentary from one of his recording sessions with the E Street Band, and in between two takes Bruce said to his guitarist AND always charismatic friend Little Steven Van Zandt...

(Steve played the mandolin on this song):

»Steve, I'm not sure that the 'never-on-Sunday-kinda-picking' is what I want here.«

Or something along those lines.

Anyway, everyone knew what Bruce meant and when they started the song again, it no longer sounded like they were girl scouts playing a song to welcome their parents to a convention.

Where am I going with this?

I have no idea, ha.

Except maybe...

We also have a rock star in our (Simplero) band as well, and her name is Beth Barr.

You know her?

She's the head of our Concierge team, and I don't know if she's working Sundays, but I do know, that she has fans all over the globe, just read what Jeff Borshowa from Canada wrote about her on January 5th inside our Simplero group:


= = =

Hi Simpleristas!

I am curious, how many of you are using the Concierge option?

I spent an hour with Beth, and she gave me a lot of great advice. An hour with her saved me hours of time. Well worth it... focus on your gift and let the Concierge team help you shine.

Jeff Borschowa

= = =


She is our favorite Concierge Rock Star, and once you attend one of her shows, there is no going back to doing-it-all-your-self.

You can buy a ticket here:




Oh, and by the way, do you want Beth's help for FREE?
When you purchase Simplero on an annual plan you get a Migration for FREE based on your plan!



Morten Spindler
Community Manager at Simplero

How to retrieve presents from a (not so distant) past...
That's why I love the man...


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