What made Clive and the Spindlerman go all in?



They both had resistance at first.


This was posted in our Facebook Group recently by one of our (many) happy Simplero users.


I'm gushing! Seriously.

I was using Leadpages as I never really got my head around Simpleros landing page design interface, Leadpages was drag and drop simplicity with lots of pretty bells and whistles.

I decided to go all in with Simplero a couple of weeks ago and had the team replicate my Wordpress website.

It now looks as good and no need for integrations.

I forced myself to learn every one of the landing page sections and I am super confident I can build just as good if not better landing pages with Simplero.

So if you are on the fence... my advice is to go all in with Simplero.

Clive Girdham


Yes, yes.

That's what I did myself back in 2017.

I went all in after several years of half-assing it (don't ask me why).

I have not had a single moment of regret since (except maybe the fact that I waited too darn long).

(And no—not saying this because I work here... Search my comments in said Facebook Group and you'll see praise just like the above from me, way back when Simplero wasn't even looking for someone like me).



Morten Spindler
Community Manager at Simplero

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