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Recently I got this VERY short (but interesting) email from a new customer, whom I had just chatted with a few days before to help her get started with Simplero.

This is all she wrote: 

Thanks! We just had a great hour together.



She was referring to an hour she spent with our head of Concierge, Beth.

I just love getting feedback like that, but I also like to know what we specifically did, that made the customer happy...

So I asked her to elaborate a little.

And that's a free tip from me to you.

When people praise you or your business, always ask for permission to use it as a testimonial, you can use it in emails, on your website, and in many other places. 

  1. They help your (potential) customers because it shows them how YOU help them.

  2. Testimonials help YOU because they raise your credibility (and can easily give you more sales).

-so everybody wins, right? 

Anyway, here is what she wrote back when I asked for more info: 

Well, I read your funny emails the first couple of days and then decided to activate my account.

As soon as I did, I went into a panic and really didn't sleep well that night.

It felt like I pulled the trigger on something big, even though the financial amount was not as huge as all that.

Then it took me a while to calm down and look around on the site and just play with some things and see that it's not so hard, even though I have tech phobia.

Today, I got to talk to Beth in Ohio, and she was just a nice person, talking with me from her home.

Like everyone else I've talked to in Simplero, she just honestly wants to be helpful, appreciates what I'm doing in the world and wants me to make my own choices about how much I want to learn to do myself and how much I want her and the Simplero team to do for me.

She really listened and showed me on the screen how to do the stuff I want to try, and then said we'll talk again once both of us get a chance to do some work, to make sure it's all going along smoothly. She was so efficient and also not in a rush. I feel a lot more calm, not only about the tech side of things, because I think I'll get all the help I need, but also about what I'm doing with my coaching.




What can you learn from this?

  • Funny emails convert (apparently, or at least with Christi, haha).

  • Always gather testimonials.

  • Simplero feels like play, even to a tech-phobia person.

And last but not least.

If you're anything like Christi—and you want to have Beth and the team help you so you can focus on other things than playing with your Simplero stuff, then here is the link to:





Morten Spindler
Community Manager at Simplero

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