How Beth got fully booked..


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This internal message came up in Simplero's chat-app a few days ago.

(I've shortened it for this purpose, but you get the picture—some resources are scarce).

= = =

Hi all,

I wanted to make everyone aware that Concierge appointments are fully booked for next week.

We have 5 Concierge Migration customers starting next week, plus ongoing clients...

So I'm asking for your help to manage expectations for new folks.

Could Support and Marketing staff drop me an emoji so I know you've seen this?



= = =

Well, well.

Now Beth can't say I didn't warn folks on the list.

We've got so many new customers rolling in, and a lot of them signing up for a year—3, 5 or 10 hours of concierge migration (depending on the plan you choose) are included for free on initial activation of annual plan).

So if you're looking to get started soon, you best get rolling.

I suspect the waiting list could grow.

But for now, Beth and the Concierge team still have slots open in 2 weeks or so.

Depending on how long you wait.

Anyway, why would you need Concierge service at all?

Isn't it easy to set things up in Simplero?




However, if you're a coach or a consultant.

Or any other human being who values your time.

Then you might do, what ore and more Simplero users do..

They learn the basics but kickstart their move to Simplero with help from the concierge team. It's super useful, and not even expensive.

On the contrary.

Even our highest price ($97 bucks an hour) is virtually a give-away.

And if you buy 5 hours, it drops to a breath-taking low (only $67).

It gets even better, though.

If you commit to 5 hours every month for only 3 months, the price drops as close to Zero as humanly possible.

ONLY 57 bucks an hour...

What??? Are we freakin' nuts?


Well, a little.

But basically, we're just trying to help.

And here's the thing.

I suspect that this price could go up any day soon because we can't keep up with the pace right now (at least not if it keeps increasing). We are hiring new staff and stuff, but who knows how long we can keep the price this low anyhow?

I wouldn't even recommend keeping these prices if someone in the leader group asked me.

(Which I note they haven't done yet).

At least now YOU can't blame me for not warning you in due cause if the price goes up before you order concierge service.

Use this link to stock up on some hours, before we wake up from our hibernation (and start racing the prices).




(If you're a new customer, you will get free hours when you purchase your initial annual plan, but once you get used to the help of Beth and the band, you'll be sorry for not buying extra hours while the price was insane).



Morten Spindler
Community Manager at Simplero

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