Who's in charge

It’s a lot of pressure being an entrepreneur. Especially a solo entrepreneur.

All the responsibility rests on your shoulders.

The fear of making the wrong decision.

The fear of not being able to make ends meet.

The fear of wasting your money. Your time. Other people’s attention.

The fear of what other people think. The fear of judgment or criticism.

Fear of failure. Fear of success.

It’s a lot to deal with.

Whenever I find myself in this situation, I stop and ask: Who’s in charge?

Chances are when I’m feeling this way, it’s because the adult part of me has taken off and has left my inner child, the wounded part of me, behind and in charge of things.

Something he’s obviously not equipped to.

It’s not his job.

He shouldn’t be in charge of anything.

He should be having fun and playing with his dad and his friends.

Time to comfort him. Tell him that I’ve got this. Don’t worry.

This is not your responsibility, buddy.

You can just relax and enjoy yourself.

Take him by the hand, and get to work taking care of stuff.

Try it next time.


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