You know when it's right

If there's one lesson I've learned (over and over again) this past couple of years, it's that when a working relationship is right, you know it.

In fact, I'd scratch "work" from that sentence.

If you question the relationship, it's cause it's probably not right.

Your gut knows.

But so many times, I've tried to make it work anyway.

I deeply care about the people I work with.

I see their potential.

I see what's possible for them if they want it.

I see what we could create together.

But if it's not there, it's not there.

It always ends up being a loss.

The relationship ends.

And you'd have been better off cutting the cord way sooner.

So what relationships in your work life do you need to review?

The power question is: "Would I re-hire this person if they didn't already work for you?"

If the answer is no, you gotta let them go.

They'll be happier elsewhere.

And you will be too.

It's a tough call to make but it's one of our sacred responsibilities as entrepreneurs.


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