Not Making Enough Money as a Coach? Here's How to Fix It.

It pains me when coaches aren’t being properly compensated for their work.

Coaches are doing phenomenal work, helping people get and stay healthy, create incredible relationships, build amazing businesses, build wealth, and so much more.

Coaches help people get out of pain and achieve their heart’s desires.

But you can be the world’s greatest coach, and still not get paid what you’re worth, if you don’t get a few things right.

It’s frustrating when you know you’re doing incredible work, and you see others much less gifted, much less committed than you, making so much more money.

Let’s fix that!

That’s exactly what I’m going to do in this blog post.

The problem comes down to a handful of factors:

  1. Charging too little

  2. Doing only or too much 1:1 coaching

  3. Doing too much work for your clients

  4. Inconsistent lead flow

  5. Only selling courses

When you charge too little, you’ll never make the money you want.

A lot of coaches are hesitant to charge more because they link their prices to their own self worth instead of to the value they provide for their clients.

You need to charge relative to the value you provide, not your time or effort.

The problem with 1:1 coaching is that it doesn’t scale.

For each new client, you have to spend more of your time, and as you know, your time is finite. You only have 24 hours in a day.

That’s why you need to get into group coaching if you’re not already.

Group coaching program scale. Your workload doesn’t increase, or increases only moderately, with each new client.

Similar if you’re doing too much work for your clients. You have to structure things in a way that your clients are responsible for doing more of the work themselves, and you provide the Frameworks and Templates that make it simple for them to do it.

Inconsistent lead flow is a matter of having the right systems in place that bring you potential Dream Clients every day, and new clients every week.

I have a separate blog post where I talk about this.

If all you do is selling courses only, it tends to be hard to generate enough revenue consistently.

Courses have much lower actual and perceived value than coaching programs, where you can help people through your coaching, in addition to the “home study” nature of courses.

If you don’t have a coaching program yet, a group coaching program is the obvious next step for you to add.

These are the factors that matter.

This way of thinking makes making enough money so much simpler.


PS. If you’re ready to make every part of your business simpler, from tech to strategy to mindset, that’s what we’re all about here at Simplero. Get in touch and let’s see how we can help.

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