Are you successful?

For the longest time, I hated the word "success".

It felt like it was more an indictment.

A judgment.

Are you successful?

Are you good enough?

Are you worthy of being here?

And I always felt like I didn't measure up.

Didn't make the cut.

But then about ten years ago, someone helped me see the word "success" in a completely different light.

Not as a judgment of me, as a person.

But as a matter-of-fact statement about results out there.

Success is simply about whether you achieved what you set out to do.

Did you set out to spend the day on the couch watching Netflix? Was that what you did? Then you were successful.

If you set out to sell ten copies of your course, did you do that? If so, you were successful. If not, you weren't.

Whatever you set out to do, success is whether or not that's what you achieved.

Success is a judgment of the results, not of you as a person.

That mindshift really helped me break free of that mental prison I was in.

At the end of the day, success is up to you. You get to define what it means for you. No one else can judge that.

What does success mean for you?

What mental prisons have you put yourself in?


Who's the most important hire?
What does success look like?


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