A lot of people will tell you you need to focus on one thing.

And I think there's merit to that.

It's just never worked for me.

I need a bit of chaos. I need to switch contexts and work on something else.

It inspires me. It gives me new insights and new energy to work on other things.

Last year I decided to embrace three new businesses. PafeiBody Meal, and Correli Leadership Institute. And to start building my personal brand.

It's definitely been a bumpy ride. A learning experience.

But despite the setbacks, I've learned so much from even attempting it.

I've learned about hiring and firing.

Leadership and culture.

Marketing and sales.

Branding and strategy.

We made tons of mistakes, but we learned from them.

I think people are too afraid to make mistakes. It's okay to make mistakes. It's the only way you learn. You're just going to get everything right the first time. You do your best, learn, and adapt. 

Just don't quit.

One thing to keep in mind, though: You can only build on success. So make sure you're not a dabbler that quits everything before it gets anywhere.

You have to be committed for the long haul.

Everything I'm doing is not opportunistic. It's very strategic.

I'm doing Pafei and Body Meal because I'm passionate about health.

Pafei is a full-body integrated workout program that combines strength and flexibility in one program. It's quite unique. And on top of that, it's a full-body treatment, restores the energy system, heals organs, balances the hormonal system, and works your body's major youth portals. It's almost like magic.

Body Meal is everything your body needs to function optimally, with none of the bad stuff that normally comes with food that your body needs to work overtime to clean out after. It's like fasting, but without being hungry!

You can see the pattern here ... all-in-one, integrated, everything you need, nothing you don't.

I care about this because right now the conversation around health tends to be more "who pays for doctors and hospitals," rather than "why are we so sick and what does it take to get healthy?"

Pafei and Body Meal are key parts of the answer to that last question: "what does it take to get healthy?"

Eat well, exercise smartly, and work on your mindset. That seems like a pretty good 80/20 for good health.

So when it comes to focusing, it comes down to what's right for you.

But do be strategic about it.

Happy to help talk this through.

With love,

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