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Calvin Correli

Anne asks: Does anyone need what I have to offer?

Anne asks:

"I have to admit that I'm thinking: How can I do this? Does anyone need what I have to offer? I really want to help people and be my own boss. I guess my mind and thoughts are stopping me."

Great question, I know a lot of people are struggling with this, so I'm so glad that you came forward and asked it.

Here's my answer:

Calvin Correli

Restore the Flow

I've long been fascinated with the interplay of mind and body.

NYC-march-28-medium.jpgWe all know that the mind impacts the body. Something as simple as a frightened thought entering our mind, and our heart starts racing. Even more than that, I've always found it fascinating how every single double blind medical trial is proving that if you believe you're getting treatment, a large percentage of us will actually get physically better. What's cooler than that? I wish we'd have way more doctors study how to apply the placebo effect for healing.

But the other way works, too. I still remember the first time I tried a body therapy session. At first the therapist worked on the front side of my body, and then he left me for maybe about 15 minutes to steep on my own. It was the wildest thing ever. First I was crying. Then I was laughing. Then I cried. And then I laughed. And it just continued like this the entire time. Just a minute before he returned, it slowly subsided.

There was no content. I wasn't crying about anything, or laughing about anything. It was just crying. And laughing. And it felt amazing. I felt alive like I can't remember ever feeling before. It was the best.

A body therapy session is very different from a massage. It's about emotional healing and release through the body. It's about restoring the natural flow of energy in the body, so the body can do its own healing. It goes so much deeper than a massage ever could.

Since my first session back in 2007, I've been a firm believer in body therapy to release the flow and energy in the body, and I get regular sessions. It's been one of the best things I've done for myself.

Later on, I met Nomi whom I'd end up marrying, and it turned out that she, too, was a body therapist. Before we started dating, I had a few sessions with her, and she's the most incredible body therapist I ever worked with.  

march-28-CC-normal.jpgToday she lives with me in New York, and she offers these sessions, which she calls simply Body Sessions, to clients here in New York. 

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, and you happen to be near here, get in touch with her and book a session today.

If you're not in New York, but you know someone who is, let them know about it.

It's a true life-saver and life-restorer.

Try it out for yourself!

Simplero Working for You

There are so many ways to customize your products in Simplero! We have gathered a few selling strategies to help make your ideas run smoothly.

The first guide we want to spotlight today on is "Creating a Multi Level Access Product". Do you want to create multiple products using parts of the same space?  Or are you planning on selling a basic and premium access package? How do you make that work with products and spaces. We have a guide to walk you step by step on how you can accomplish this here.

We Want to Feature You!

We are looking for more people to be Featured Simplerista in our weekly newsletter! Interested in being highlighted? We would love for you to hop over and fill out this worksheet!

We also are looking for beautiful Spaces & Landing Pages to be features on to show new users what can be done. Drop Sherrie a note with your Simplero account name + a link to either or both at

New Features in Simplero

We've added the option to adjust the size of the header on your site, which means that you can now show your logo much bigger if you want to. You can change the size of the header by going to Site > Theme and clicking Customize theme. Under the Header section you can then choose the size you want.

Random Links from around the Interwebs

50 years later, Heinz approves Don Draper’s ‘Pass the Heinz’ ads and is actually running them. This is a great story!

US health care could be more like Denmark's. Wouldn't it be great if government was actually sane? :)

LA Times and ads.

Love to y'all!

Sherrie Williams

Meet Clive Girdham of Sydney City Hypnotherapy

Tell me a little about your business…

I help Hypnotherapists develop their skills to help with specific client problems like overcoming addictions, addictions and PTSD. I run a busy Hypnotherapy practice in Sydney, Australia

What brought you to Simplero?

My Supervisor and mentor Rob McNeilly is prolific in this area and encouraged me to create products

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

I've managed to build my list by creating "lead magnets" creating an interactive audience and offering my video course in a non sales way. I do this through landing pages on Facebook groups that have my target audience

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

1000% I can already see the potential after only 5 months, hey I'm not massive yet but getting large!

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

Be patient and give value overtime rather than being pushy and demanding. It's actually more fun this way. It allows the creative process to kick in. Hmm what's my next Lead Magnet???

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I can get omplete stranger to become a concrete statue and not be able to move (for a minute or two :-) ) Hypnosis is awesome (This is not how I do therapy)



Clive-04-small.jpgClive Girdham was an Engineer for 25 years before leaving his day job to follow his true passion of helping people with Hypnotherapy. Clive's clients have a wide range of problems from simple phobias through to clinical depression. Additionally he works as a volunteer for Lifeline, a crisis support and suicide prevention telephone hotline in Australia
Clive is a Professional Member of The Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA), a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

Another passion of Clive is to teach and he has created his first online training course for Hypnotherapists. He uses Simplero to host the course as well as send out hypnotherapy tips to his growing list of Hypnotherapists
Calvin Correli

Why You're There

17268014_386848735028589_4201220834376810496_n-medium.jpgI'm in Austin for the big mess that is SXSW, aka south-by. It's my fourth time here, and it's interesting to see how it's changed. It was Gary Vaynerchuk who originally told me I HAD to go to this, and that was in 2010. I went in 2011, and again in 2014. This year I wanted to go as well, but not so much for the interactive part, which is what I've gone for in the past, but for the music part, to see what's going on in the music scene, make some connections, and learn some new things.

Once here, I realize, hey, wait, I'm also making videos, and there's another whole part of SXSW, which is all about film! The big three tracks are Film, Music, and Interactive. So all of a sudden, I'm here, being interested in all three, and I wasn't even planning on it.

Sometimes you go into things not knowing why exactly, and then once you're there, you realize why it was.

I saw Casey Neistat speak yesterday, and he's definitely an inspiration with his videos on YouTube, and his general story of creativity and entrepreneurship. I didn't know much about his background or journey, but he had me inspired.

Fresh Interviews

This week I've once again had the joy of joining a number of wonderful people in talking about life, business and everything else:

Mindfulness Mode (iTunes)

A Well-Designed Business with LuAnn Nigara (iTunes)

Random Links from around the Interwebs

This Twitter account will put you in a good mood every time. Via my friend Nick Gray.

Password rules are bullshit. Incidentally, we don't have them.

How I learned that relationships don't have to be difficult and compromising. Nomi's first article for Elephant Journal. Show her your support! 

With love & joy!

Sherrie Williams

Meet Robert B McNeilly of CET - Creating Effectiveness in Therapy

Tell me a little about your business…

I offer online teaching programmes for therapists who want to learn about hypnosis and therapy.

What brought you to Simplero?

I looked unsuccessfully for a way to present online programmes, gather contacts and integrate these with a shopping cart and experienced incereasing frustration ... until Simplero. Here I found a perfectly integrated programme that was flexible and reliable and about half the cost of the previous difficult components I'd tried.

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

Simplero has become my business. I used to trsvel and present face to face workshops, and beginning this year, my work is almost exclusively online - on Simplero.

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

I have made online connections from all round the globe, and have video calls with people from Greenland, France, Spain, UK, USA, ands of course Australia.

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

Take care of the clients and the business will follow.

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I'm obzessed with cars - looking at them, not buting them. My wife says she doesn't appreciate the way I look at an Audi R8.


me-3-small.jpegDr. Robert McNeilly was in a suburban Melbourne general medical practice for 10 years, had the privilege of learning directly with Milton Erickson, was inspired by his human approach to therapy, and created his own interpretation to assist clients in a respectful, dignified way with the human dilemmas that affect individuals, couples and families. 

He founded the CET in l988 to introduce Ericksonian Hypnosis and the Solution Oriented Approach to hypnosis, counselling and coaching in Australia. For more than 30 years, the contribution he brings in his teaching style, writing and unique approaches to learning and therapy allow for a ready application into everyday living and are recognised locally, nationally and internationally, including repeated invited presentations at the Milton H Erickson Foundation’s International Congresses in USA since 1980 and workshops in Singapore and Denmark since 1999.

He is co-author, with Jenny Brown, of "Healing With Words", "Healing the Whole Person" was published by Wiley, republished as “Doing Change” by St Luke’s Innovative Resources, and Crown House have published a series of DVD demonstrations of counselling and hypnosis. Tandava Press have published "Learning Hypnosis" and "Creating Connections in Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and therapy Vol 1 & 2".

Students comment on his easy, respectful manner and his elegant ability to make complex issues approachable while retaining their essence. 
Calvin Correli

New Feature: Require Documentation (eg. W-9) from Affiliates

Some countries require that you have certain documentation from your affiliates in order for you to pay out affiliate commissions without risking being on the hook for any taxes due on that commission.

In order to make that as easy as possible on everybody, Simplero now has a new feature that handles all of that for you. You tell your affiliates what you need, and Simplero will ask for it. All you need to do is review it, and click to either approve or request that they do it over.

Once it's approved, payouts can happen as normal.

We separate the regular affiliate approval from documentation approval, so that your affiliates can be linking and tracking, even while the paperwork gets sorted.

To start using this, go to Marketing > Affiliates and set up an affiliate program, or make changes to an existing one. It's a new setting for the affiliate program, which lets you choose to require documentation, optionally have that documentation only be required from affiliates in your own country, and then you can just write whatever information is required for that documentation in a big old text field.


Sherrie Williams

Meet Anders Rønnau of Transforming ADHD

Tell me a little about your business…

I help children, teens, and adults with the ADHD diagnosis transform from the inside out. When people transform from the inside out, the change in behavior becomes really easy. I also work with parents teaching them how to parent their extraordinary child. My work is based on the coaching approach with tools from NLP, Narrative Therapy, Systemic Thinking, Positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and other approaches.

What brought you to Simplero?

When I just started out I had a membership site in Wordpress that never worked properly, and the number of plugins I had to deal with wasn't worth it. I researched Simplero along with the possible, and more well-known alternatives - like InfusionSoft and Office Auto Pilot. The bigger ones were very expensive and non-affiliate reviews (friends) told me that the systems had obvious flaws, support was horrible and speed of development was slow. Compared to Simplero the choice was easy. Even while I was in startup mode in Simplero I saw several developments that spoke of a company in fast progression, and pretty much every month since I started using Simplero has given us great improvements to the service, reliability, and functionality. I have never even heard of a company that develops their product so fast and so reliable without losing the integrity and the simplicity of the product along the way. The changes are so many in fact that I am canceling other (and more expensive) services that I don't need anymore.

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

Simplero has been at the very heart of the operations in my business for years now. I track my coaching clients, sell a wide variety of online courses and downloadables, have private forums, and even sell seats on my live workshops and longer 18-day live courses, - all of it through Simplero.

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

Simplero helps me communicate precisely with all these different customer segments. And since everything happens within Simplero, everything is handled by the system - from signup forms to segmentation automation, selling and handling customer requests. And since everything is in one place, my bookkeeping is also really easy!

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

To get over your fears of rejection and just put yourself out there. They probably did tell me, but I wasn't ready to listen. Things are changing dramatically now that I write more articles, I am on YouTube and on other people's podcasts, etc.

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I love building physical objects - like furniture and our big wooden terrace.


Anders_0004_Square_400-small.pngAnders Rønnau is fiercely committed to helping children, teenagers and adults transform their ADHD from the inside out through cognitive enhancement, and inspire them to become extra-ordinary with their unique gifts and talents.
He is the founder of where he helps parents to children with the ADHD diagnosis learn how to help their child transform their problems into their own natural super powers. 
Anders has coached hundreds of clients for more than 2500 hours in his practice, and he has worked with hundreds of parents and professionals to help them help children better. His workshops are acclaimed for leaving experiences educators, coaches and therapists with a new and clear insight into the
ADHD minds. 
Calvin Correli

What to Do when You Don't Have Enough Time

I got a question about what to o when you don't have enough time.

This is such an important one. We all share this challenge in that we all have 24 hours in a day, so better learn how to deal with it right now.

Q&A_ Time & Fear.m4v

Sherrie Williams

Meet Liz Parker or 121 Temps

Tell me a little about your business…

We are the largest network of virtual assistants in Australia with over 7000 members. We have been operating for 10 years and provide training, mentoring and support

What brought you to Simplero?

I wanted a system that worked seamlessly to automate membership subs, access and online sales funnels with little need for training of operatives. Other systems were either too complex or didn't integrate enough. Was able to transfer my data with little fuss. Did a happy dance when I found Simplero

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

Built sales funnels. Created learning portals and online courses, several membership sites and online shop. I have replaced 3 pieces of separate software with Simplero

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

Improved tracking and monitoring. Increased sales. Better responsiveness. More items for sale and new membership options. Sales funnels that took weeks to set up now take an afternoon

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

Buy traffic, don't depend on getting free traffic only

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I am a chronic cheater at board games and I hate WordPress. I know you asked for one but I had to cheat lol

liz_headshot_dark-small.jpgAfter many years in senior management and CEO roles, Liz Parker launched 1-2-1 Temps Pty Ltd in 2007. Since then her business has grown into the largest network of Virtual Service Providers in Australia with more than 8000 members.
1-2-1 Temps provides an impressive range of services designed to enable Business Owners and Senior Executives to focus on what they are best at. Along with sister company, VA Placements, 1-2-1 Temps has firmly positioned itself as a leader in the virtual industry. Both company’s operate to a strict Code of Conductand are supported by a Professional Standards Panel.
Her commitment to industry development was showcased in 2012 when she launched the “Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals” (AAVIP). AAVIP is a support, lobbying and advocacy group for virtual workers in Australia.
Liz has earned a reputation as a professional, trustworthy, innovative and helpful business advisor. She is a committed business-to-business networker and has a particular interest in working with women in business.
Liz is committed to bringing out the best in others. She is an accomplished presenter, facilitator and team leader who actively seeks to inspire people with innovative ideas and new strategies for success in business. Liz regularly presents on topics such as;

·         Websites, Internet Marketing and Social Media
·         Business Outsourcing and Growth Strategies
·         Increasing Effectiveness and Automation Through Technology
·         B2B Networking and Strategic Alliances

Liz has also published many articles, eBooks and blog posts including titles such as;

·         “How to Set Up a VA Business in 7 Days”
·         “The Art of Delegating Effectively”
·         “Business Outsourcing – Factors to Consider When Deciding to Outsource”

When all the work is done Liz likes to relax in her garden, enjoy her Grandchildren and spend time with her husband of 40 years Ed.
“Liz has a down-to-earth personable and approachable way of conducting her business while at the same time maintaining extremely high levels of professionalism and results focus.
I've enjoyed learning more and more about the incredible depth of Liz herself and the amazing array of services she can connect me with through her growing 'army' of highly qualified Virtual Assistants.
I've had Liz organise two different Virtual Assistants whom now provide an integral service to my business and will definitely be using Liz to find more as my business grows.
Oh and I absolutely love her Irish Accent too! :-)” Sam Best.
“I had the pleasure of first meeting Liz in 2009 and have found her to be honest, intelligent and a fantastic mentor ever since. She has been a source of knowledge, support, and has a strong moral code that I find refreshing. I highly recommend Liz's network for both clients and VA's.” Ruth May.
Nick Bruun

New Feature: Themed Site

Until now, your public site for your Simplero account has been a simple catalog of your products. If you wanted a site with more content on it, you'd have to have a separate site hosted on for example WordPress.

Today, we're changing that by introducing a major update to your public site, and one that we're very, very excited about. Instead of just being a catalog, it is now a full featured website including a blog and pages that you can control the content of, sporting a brand new design to boot:


For those of you impatient to get started, you can find the administrative interface for the new site in the menu on the left hand side of the administration panel for your Simplero account:



The new public site is built around a new concept in Simplero: themes. Themes give you a lot more flexibility in what you can customize about the look and feel of your site. Not only that, but you can browse around your site while adjusting how things look in the new theme customizer – pretty neat, right?


For now, the adjustments you can make are limited to the options available in the theme customization interface. Once any little problems that might appear have been ironed out, we're going to open up for you to edit all of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript that powers the theme, so you can truly make it your own.

We're starting out with one simple theme, Simple, which has a clean, modern design, that works well on anything from the largest screen all the way down to tablets and phones.

In the future, we'll be adding more themes for you to choose from. We're still on the lookout for great designers to take a crack at designing a site, so if you've worked with any, please send your recommendations our way.


Even better than just being able to customize the look and feel of your site, you can now build your site with beautiful, flexible pages in any structure you want. Just like when customizing your theme, you can see what your site will look like as you're editing it, and you can type your text directly on the page as you do so:


Each page is made up of a number of different sections, each allowing for different types of content. In other words, a page doesn't just have to be plain text. Instead, you can add content like an FAQ, your Instagram feed, a cherry picked list of products you want to feature, or maybe beautiful looking testimonials:


However, your site is not limited to only pages. You can build the navigation structure of your site exactly as you want it, including direct links to products and other sites:



As mentioned, the new public site also includes a blog, so you can now use your Simplero site to publish your news and writing. One cool thing is that you can use all your media files on your blog as well, so you no longer have to upload your content in multiple places:


Start using the new themed site

We know that major changes take some preparation, so while the themed site is available for everyone today, you have to manually make the switch from using the old public site to the new public site. Simply click on Site in the menu bar in the administration panel for your Simplero account, and you will be shown this notice:


We strongly recommend that you preview the new site first by clicking the "Preview themed site" button to make sure that everything is as you want it to be, before you make the switch.

Share your thoughts

We're super excited about this addition to Simplero, and we can't wait to see what you build with it! Over the coming weeks, we're going to be tweaking the design and adding more options to the new sites. As always, we're here to help answer any questions you may have, and we welcome all your feedback and suggestions for the new themed site.

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