Membership levels and monthly/annual price switching

Would you like to offer different service or access levels for your membership site—for example, Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership—and let your customers upgrade themselves to higher levels?

Or would you like to offer annual and monthly pricing for your subscription, AND let your customers switch between them with prorated pricing?

Now you can, on the Rule the World plan.

Here's what the upgrade process looks like when both features are combined in a membership level group of three differ…

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Stop comparing yourself to others!!

We all do it.

We look at people on social media and think they have it made.

We look at a billionaire on his private island and think he's got it all figured out.

We look at someone on TV and think they're so much better than us.

But there's no point.

Everyone's different.

Everyone's here for a different purpose.

Everyone's been dealt with a different set of cards.

Everyone is here to learn and grow in different ways.

All we ever can compare is our own lived experience with our own proj…

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If you struggle with how, get a bigger why

Super excited to share this with you today.

Today marks the official launch of my Podcast and YouTube show.

Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and coach. In fact, he's our coach, here at Simplero, through his coaching program SaaS Academy.

It's an incredible program for companies like ours, in large part due to Dan and his view on life.

I've followed Dan for years, and had no idea the depth of wisdom that he has to share.

Today, I get to share that with you.

We ended up talk…

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Does success make you less spiritual?

Will success make you less of a "spiritual" person?

Easy: Hell no!

If it does, your spirituality ain't worth sh*t.


In my world, God, Life, the Universe, the One Consciousness, whatever you call it, wants us to be rich and successful.

It wants us to have all of the material wealth at our disposal that we can possibly utilize.

Love great food? You should have that.

Love travel? You should have that experience.

Appreciate fine art? Absolutely, you should own that.

Like to have a nice, …

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Afraid of making mistakes? This is for you.

I was doing a live coaching call today with the Course Launch Challengers. (Last day to join is today.)

One of the questions that came up was about the fear of making mistakes.

Here's the thing, though:

You want to make mistakes.

In fact, I tell people on my team, if they don't f&#k up at least once a week, they're not taking enough chances.

I'll fire someone for not making enough mistakes. Seriously.

All the time you spend trying to avoid making mistakes is time you could spend getting st…

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Get more help

The biggest game-changer in my business recently has been getting more help.

Simplero team all-hands callWe've hired so many additional team members, we've engaged agencies, consultants, and it's been really great. It seems the more people we add, the more money we make. That's pretty awesome.

In fact, the picture on the right was our latest all-hands call (and some couldn't make it!).

It's completely changed how I think about my work and my business. At this point, I don't "do" much of anything. I set the vision and th…

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Don't forget your body

I have an incredible opportunity for you if you have an audience of people that has a body.

Watch below to hear more.

Register to become an affiliate now

Bottom line is:

  • We're launching a free challenge around the Pafei workout in the next month or so
  • We want you to help promote it
  • You can make some really nice money, while helping a lot of people out in a major way
  • It's the perfect quarantine workout—no equipment needed, no shoes, even, and only one square meter of space!
  • It's …

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PayPal and order bumps finally got together (improvements for QuickPay and others, too)

Selling with order bumps used to be impossible in Simplero if you were collecting payment via PayPal. And if you were using QuickPay, the order bump would work but in some cases the wrong amount would show on the checkout button in QuickPay. (Like PayPal, paying via QuickPay involves your customer visiting a separate page controlled by the payment provider.)

As of earlier this week, order bumps work just fine with PayPal and will show the correct total in QuickPay. There's a little bonus for St…

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When to put the pencil down

During the coaching calls for the latest Course Launch Challenge, perfectionism was a theme that came up a lot.

People are struggling with figuring out when it's good enough.

You want to put out a great product.

But you also don't want to waste time by noodling over it forever.

How do you know when to stop?

When is good enough good enough?

Well ...

I have a simple answer for you:

Who are you doing it for?

Be brutally honest with yourself.

When you're doing it for your clients, when you…

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How hungry are you?

And no, I don't mean in a food way.

I mean, how hungry are you for life?

For getting results?

For progressing in your career?

In your relationships?

For being more, doing more?

To me, that kind of hunger is GOLD!

It's what propels you forward. And inward.

It what makes things happen.

Being hungry is phenomenal.

Now, the superpower is being hungry AND being 100% satisfied with exactly where you are today.

Knowing in your heart and gut that EVERYTHING is EXACTLY the…

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