You are the product

It's so easy to get caught up in this marketing strategy or this conversion tactic or any of another endless range of things you can do to squeeze more sales out of your market.

But what most people don't get is that you are the product.

It's not your course. It's not your software. It's not your custom made masks that you sell on Etsy.

You are the product. People buy your energy. Your radiance.

The more you know who you are, the more you align with your true nature, the more you let your light shine brightly, without fear, without holding back, the more the right people are going to resonate.

That's how you attract your tribe.

That's how you attract the people that you're going to work with. Your partners, your teammates, your network of free agents.

And it's how you attract your clients, your customers, your fans, your audience, the people that you serve.

You are the product.

Doing the work necessary to get that out there is the only work that truly matters.

Everything else just details.

With passion,

Don't leave anything to chance 👊
Do your genius thing FIRST


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