Keeping it simple

It's in the name, right?



I speak with a lot of business owners with big dreams, big plans. It's awesome. I love it. I'm all for it. We're family. I'm the same way myself.

And you want to start the way you want to finish. Build a strong foundation from the start. I agree.

But here's the thing:

Success is built one step at a time.

One-piece at a time.

So yes, have that map, that plan, that vision.

And then figure out:

What's the most impactful milestone you could get to next?

And what's the simplest path that could possibly get you there?

Instead of doing three lead magnets, do one.

Instead of creating 10 pages on your website, have one. Or maybe two or three.

Instead of having three products, have one.

If you look at the people who are at the top of the game today, remember: they didn't start that way.

They all started simple.

Simplero didn't have all of the things it has today when I started it.

It just did the billing. Its raison d'être was that it could do installment plans.

That was it. That's what I needed it to do.

And then I added email.

The raison d'être for the email piece was that it was simple, and it was integrated with the payment, so I could avoid sending to people who'd already bought the product I was promoting, and so I could stop sending emails to members that had canceled.

And then it grew, piece by piece, from there.

So focus on the one most important piece you need to do next, and get that done.

Keep it simple.


PS. Please share: What was your main take-away from this? How do you need to simplify your business and life right now?

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