Go where the juice is

It's easy to think you need to build your business slowly and steadily, rung by rung.

Lead magnet.


Low ticket offers.

Medium ticket offers.

High ticket offers.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Look, I'm all for slow and steady.

But when you're getting started in this type of business, go straight for the jugular.

Go straight for where the juice is. The big Mo.

Go for what you're most excited about, what's going to have the biggest impact on people, and what's going to bring in the most revenue.

Focus there first.

Go straight for the prize.

Because if you have revenue, impact, and excitement, you're un-f*cking-stoppable.

It's just way more fun that way.

You get feedback, case studies, buzz, word of mouth, energy, momentum, and all kinds of greatness that comes from that.

And then you always go and backfill those lower ticket items if you still need them.

That, of course, is assuming you already know a handful of people or can find a handful of people, who'd love to work with you, and whom you can meaningfully impact.

But I think most of us probably can.

I'm sure you have people in mind that you know you could help and that can afford to pay you.

This has always been my approach and my advice.

Go for the highest value result you can get people, the people who can pay you what you need to earn, and people and results you're excited about.

Then the rest becomes easy.


Use your gut
Keeping it simple


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