I'm obsessed with the community these days.

Before the pandemic, we were already getting more and more isolated. Sitting in front of our phones, computers, and devices, working, watching movies, shopping, communicating with our friends. All through a screen.

Always looking into a screen. Rare is the moment we take to just be or to talk to a stranger while waiting for the subway or the coffee.

And then, in 2020, it all got so much worse.

It feels to me like we're longing for community. For real-life connection. We're longing to be with other people.

We humans need that.

We think we'll be happier if we can get a bit more done a little faster.

But we won't.

What we think will make us happy, and what actually makes us happy, are two very different things.

That's why I'm thinking a lot about community.

Real community, real connections, spending time with other people, is some of the things that do make us happy.

It's something we crave.

We think we're the only ones longing for this. But we're not. Almost everybody does.

You want to talk about a pandemic? That's a pandemic right there.

So as this year comes to a close, think of ways you can strengthen and build a community around you.

For you, and for others.

Everybody benefits.


What's the outcome?


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