Future and present

As a business owner and a human, we need to set goals.

Okay, let me rephrase that.

We don't need to set goals. But goals can be a super useful tool.

When we know exactly where we're going, it's a lot more likely we'll get there.

The challenge with goals—especially goals that are deeply emotionally meaningful to us—is that it can trigger our very human tendency to reject the present.

You set a growth goal for your business, and now you feel bad about the fact that you're not there yet.

You want to challenge yourself, and then you get impatient that you're not seeing clear progress every day.

We humans have a mechanism called self-hate. It's that voice that said, "if only ___, I'd be happy". Or worthy. Or okay. Or safe. Or whatever.

If only I had more money.

If only I was more successful.

If only I had a bigger Instagram following.

If only I had a bigger email list.

If only ...

And it's a lie.

You're exactly where you're supposed to be right at this moment.

Never forget that.

If you do, you'll suffer.

When you remember, the suffering ends. It's that simple.

So do set goals, but don't let that distract from the reality that you are who and what and where you're supposed to be right now.




What does success look like?
Who do you need to become?


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