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New Feature: Add People to Your Newsletter when the Auto-Responder Sequence Is Finished

We've just launched the ability to trigger actions when an auto-respons is sent.

This is particularly useful for one specific use-case:

When people opt in to your list, they're first put on an introductory auto-responder sequence, and then when that sequence has run to the end, they're put on your main newsletter list.

To accomplish this:

  • Create a special list for the introductory auto-responder sequence
  • Have the opt-in go to that list
  • Create the auto-responses
  • Add a trigger on the last...

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New Feature: Automatically Capitalize Titles

I love to get English title capitalization right, but it's actually ridiculously complicated to do. I used to use an external tool to do it, but I got tired of the back-and-forth and copy-and-pasting, so I built it into Simplero.

Now, on relevant fields, you'll see a discreet link that says "Capitalize", and we'll do our best to do a Chicago Manual of Style-style capitalization. There are some edge cases that cannot be done properly, and I've had to best-guess a couple of things, but in most...

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New Feature: Access to Space for Specific Contact

You can now give access to a closed space to a single, specific contact. That way, you don't have to create a product just to get people into a space. This is especially helpful for assistants or other people who just need to check it out, without having to go through a whole "checkout process".

Combined with the new "add contact" feature, it's now a zip to add someone to a space.

Video here:

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New Feature: Expiring Links in Emails

Links in emails can now expire a certain period after the email has been sent to someone.

This is a super simple way to make time-limited offers to people. One common (and very effective) tactic is to offer people a discount that's only valid for a few days immediately after they sign up to your newsletter. You know when they sign up that they're "warm", they're interested. Might as well capitalize on that and incentivize them to take action right there.

While adding this, I also added a...

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New Feature: Give List Subscribers Access to a Space

You can now give access to a closed membership site when people subscribe to a list in Simplero.

This makes it super-easy to give away large amounts of free content in an organized and structured way.

When they subscribe, they'll get a Simplero ID to log in, and as long as they're stil subscribed to that list, they'll continue to have access. If they unsubscribe, they'll lose their access.

You can even use our "auto-publish" feature to drip out content to your students over time. You can do...

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New Feature: Multiple notes for a customer

We've had the ability to add notes for a customer for a while.

New you can add multiple notes for a customer, so you can see when each was added, and by whom.

This is particularly useful if you do coaching or mentoring, and want to keep a record of what you talked about in each session.

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New Major Feature: Built-in Help Desk

Simplero now has a new major feature: A help desk system built right-in.

This lets your customers get in touch with you with any question or problem they have, and you can help them from right within Simplero. You can see which page they're on, you can see who they are, which products they've purchased, their previous tickets, your own internal notes on them, and much more.

If you want to, you can also set it up so customers can check a box that says a ticket is "super-urgent", and then we'll...

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New Feature: Contact Fields

Simplero now lets you add custom fields to your contacts. It used to be that we actually only collected name and email for your contacts. Now you can collect any type of information. including complex ones like addresses and phone numbers.

We've added a bunch of built-in field types, like Twitter handle, age, birthday, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. And you can add your own fields. As many as you'd like.

You can add them to forms, and you can add additional ones to products, that are...

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New: Integrate Simplero with your other favorite services using Zapier

We are excited to tell you about our latest feature, Zapier Integration!
Zapier is a service that connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks.  They have 300+ popular apps on their roster; think Gmail, Salesforce, Basecamp et al. And we are now pleased to announce that Simplero has joined that list.
Zapier operates on a "if this happens, then do this" principle.  Technically, we call them triggers and actions.  If trigger...

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