New Feature: Automatically Capitalize Titles

I love to get English title capitalization right, but it's actually ridiculously complicated to do. I used to use an external tool to do it, but I got tired of the back-and-forth and copy-and-pasting, so I built it into Simplero.

Now, on relevant fields, you'll see a discreet link that says "Capitalize", and we'll do our best to do a Chicago Manual of Style-style capitalization. There are some edge cases that cannot be done properly, and I've had to best-guess a couple of things, but in most cases, it should do a pretty darn good job.

I did not find a pre-cooked solution, but I did find some great work to build on by John Gruber and John Resig (that's mighty fine company to be in - Daring Fireball blogger and creator of jQuery), and I improved on it and open-sourced the result.

Here's a small gif that shows how it works:


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