Freeing Your Natural Entrepreneur

I started reading the book Freeing the Natural Voice last night, and a sentence in it stuck with me:

There is a vital difference to be observed between what is "natural" and what is "familiar".

I like to talk about "Natural Entrepreneurship". That's the distinction right there. There is this place that's ultimately natural, easy, flowing, in alignment with the forces of nature. But given our habits, our histories, our survival tactics, the things we've done to get to where we are, we may be a long way away from anything resembling "natural". 

And changing those habits are going to feel weird for a while. Unfamiliar. Maybe even unnatural at first. But as we progress, it gets easier. It starts to flow. And we start to feelwhat's natural and what's not.

It's the process I've been going through in my life in general. As an entrepreneur. And now am going through as a musician and performer. These days I'm relearning how to breathe. And not for the first time, but with renewed awareness.

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