New Feature: Add People to Your Newsletter when the Auto-Responder Sequence Is Finished

We've just launched the ability to trigger actions when an auto-respons is sent.

This is particularly useful for one specific use-case:

When people opt in to your list, they're first put on an introductory auto-responder sequence, and then when that sequence has run to the end, they're put on your main newsletter list.

To accomplish this:

  • Create a special list for the introductory auto-responder sequence
  • Have the opt-in go to that list
  • Create the auto-responses
  • Add a trigger on the last auto-response that adds them to your main newsletter list. 


When they subscribe, they'll get your intro sequence, and then after that receive your normal newsletter. If they unsubscribe during the intro sequence, they won't get on your newsletter either, as it should be.

Other things you could do with this is trigger an email to yourself to remember to follow-up with a new prospect at the same time they receive their third auto-response.

We'll be adding more automation in the future, but this is a simple step that allowed us to do something very useful and important.

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