New Feature: Expiring Links in Emails

Links in emails can now expire a certain period after the email has been sent to someone. 

This is a super simple way to make time-limited offers to people. One common (and very effective) tactic is to offer people a discount that's only valid for a few days immediately after they sign up to your newsletter. You know when they sign up that they're "warm", they're interested. Might as well capitalize on that and incentivize them to take action right there.

While adding this, I also added a couple of other nifty things about how we do links. For example, you can turn off "UTM tagging" for links to websites that don't work with those tags.

You can also go in and change the destination of a link in an email after the email has already been sent. So if you notice that a link in an email you sent out is broken, you can change it without having to send out a new email. Of course, everyone who already clicked the link will have seen the broken URL, but if they click again, it'll now be "magically" fixed for them.

Here's a video showing how it all works:

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