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Interview with Chief Creative Warrior, Songwriter, and Performing Artist Gilli Moon

One of the favorite parts of my jobs is when I get to meet some of the amazing people who use Simplero. Gill has been a customer since January, and while we've interacted many times via the support system, this is the first time we speak live with each other. Such a blessing and a blast.

It's no secret that one of my big passions, besides Simplero, software, information marketing, and life transformation, is music. So Gilli and I had a lot to talk about, and it shows in the easy-going style—we …

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Julia Jones, Transforming Mothers and Their Babies since 2008

I had a wonderful time meeting Julia Jones, one of my customers from Australia. Julia is helping newly minted mothers through the first 40 days of motherhood. I believe she's on the way to radically transform life on this planet as we know it.

Mothers are naturally equipped to intuit what they children need—that is, when they're not stuck up in anxiety and stress and fear and all the other things that make us leave our bodies where intuition resides and retreat up in our heads.

And that's what…

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Meet Stacey Harris, the Social Media Marketing Genius

Stacey started her business three and a half years ago, and is now supporting her entire family: Her husband gave notice just a few days ago, and now works for Stacey. That's how we like it.

She's a colorful (literally) personality, and there's so much to learn from her. In terms of software, she started out with the "gluing five different systems together" module. When that became untenable, she briefly switched to Ontraport. That's when she discovered Simplero, which she immediately jumped on…

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Learn How Simplero is Helping Tracy Raftl Rid the World of Acne in Adults

Using only natural remedies, Tracy Raftl from The Love Vitamin is on a mission to rid the world of acne in adults. She knows from person experience how devastating it can be, emotionally and otherwise. She doesn't want anyone else to suffer from that.

She was on her way to move to Ontraport when Simplero came into her life. She made the switch, and hasn't looked back. Her number one advice to others in a similar type of business (information, not acne): 

Sign on with Simplero from the start!

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Learn how Maj Wismann turned pro and moved her business entirely from offline to online

Maj already had a successful private practice as a couple's therapist and sexologist when she decided to add an online component to her business and become "The Web Sexologist". Yeah, she had to sink twice before owning that. But she did, and here we are.

In this interview she reveals how she got started, the key decisions she made along the way that got her to where she is today, and the advice she would give others in her place.

NB. Simplero was known as zenbilling back then. Don't let…

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How a mother of 2 created a business to support her family in just 18 months

Nadia (now Carolina) was a freelance journalist when she had her first child. She quickly realized that being a freelance journalist and a mother was a recipe for stress. 

She started an online business teaching other parents how to carry their children in a sling - a great way to foster a close parent-child connection.

18 months later that had grown into a business that could sustain her family, with no need to do any work on the side anymore.

Listen to her tell the story in this interview f…

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How Pediatric Acupuncturist Robin Green Made $62,914 from her First Product Ever

Robin had a thriving acupuncture practice when one day her husband was fired, and her family was suddenly forced to think on their feet to keep the roof over their head.

Robin decided to take this as an opportunity to stretch herself, and become the sole provider for her family, so her husband could stay at home and take care of their children.

Her specialty was doing acupuncture with kids. Having never done any kind of information product before, she managed to put together a program. Totally…

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How Torill Went From No List and No Product to $7,000 in 9 weeks

This interview is from last summer (2013), back when Simplero was still called zenbilling, but don't let that fool you. Torill's story is just as impressive today as it was back then.

Listen to her tell the story and everything she learned in the process.

Could not find audio with ID 43245. Maybe it was deleted?

The special offer at the end is obviously no longer relevant, but her story is as impressive and valuable as ever.


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We love it when people say nice things about us

One of our beloved customers, Sandy Ross, just wrote a raving review - and we didn't even ask for it :)

Here's a sample:

That answer is Simplero and while I’m trying to keep this post factual, I might get a bit gushy because this system solves SO many problems of having an online information-based business.

The system is an all-in-one developed by a US-based Dane, Calvin Corelli, whose tech support team spans Europe and India.

Techs who answer your questions with a voice-over video filmed …

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Racheal Cook, Another Happy Switcher

It's switcher's week here at Simplero.

Racheal Cook, also known as The Yogipreneur, switched from Office AutoPilot (aka Ontraport) about 6 months ago, and she couldn't be happier.

Hear how Simplero saved her over $1000  per month, and her amazing story of how she came to be The Yogipreneur.

To learn more about Racheal, visit her website

And make sure you sign up for her free 28-day "Fired Up & Focused" challenge.

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