Learn How Simplero is Helping Tracy Raftl Rid the World of Acne in Adults

Using only natural remedies, Tracy Raftl from The Love Vitamin is on a mission to rid the world of acne in adults. She knows from person experience how devastating it can be, emotionally and otherwise. She doesn't want anyone else to suffer from that.

She was on her way to move to Ontraport when Simplero came into her life. She made the switch, and hasn't looked back. Her number one advice to others in a similar type of business (information, not acne): 

Sign on with Simplero from the start!

I can only say I agree :)

Apologies for the video and audio quality here. Apparently internet in Australia isn't always so great. Hopefully you can make your way through it anyway. It's well worth your patience.

And thanks a million to Tracy for being willing to get on Skype with me.

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First ever Simplero meetup in New York is January 30th


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