Customer Stories

Interview with Lloyd Burnett, who switched from InfusionSoft to Simplero

Meet Lloyd. Lloyd is a coach to entrepreneurs who is featured on The Huffington Post. He helps entrepreneurs with the "inner game" of entrepreneurship, removing the hidden blocks and resistance.

In this interview, he talks about how he was using InfusionSoft for several years, which cost him a ton, not only in the direct cost, but also in all the help he had to hire to make it work for him, and the fact that he had to focus more on project management than on running his business.

Enter Simpler…

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Interview with Keri Nola

Keri Nola is a licensed psychotherapist with a thriving private practice for the past decade, who has recently branched out into products, using Simplero.

Keri found Simplero a few months ago, referred to it in the interview as "the midwife for her business" (an expression I loved so much I had to write down right away).

She's the reason we do what we do here at Simplero - so that we may remove "I don't understand technology" from your repertoire of excuses, so that you may confront the real r…

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Interview: Why Carolina Björk Switched From Simplero to InfusionSoft and Back to Simplero

I had the pleasure of speaking with the wonderful and long-time Simplero customer Carolina Björk.

A few months back, she bothered me quite a bit, because she was the first customer to ever leave Simplero for something else after having built a sustainable business. From time to time we lose customers who never get their business off the ground, or whose revenues are so low that even $100/month doesn't make any sense. I get that. We can't serve that market. Or they decide to close up shop and ta…

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