Interview: Why Carolina Björk Switched From Simplero to InfusionSoft and Back to Simplero

I had the pleasure of speaking with the wonderful and long-time Simplero customer Carolina Björk.

A few months back, she bothered me quite a bit, because she was the first customer to ever leave Simplero for something else after having built a sustainable business. From time to time we lose customers who never get their business off the ground, or whose revenues are so low that even $100/month doesn't make any sense. I get that. We can't serve that market. Or they decide to close up shop and take a job somewhere. That happens.

But until Carolina, I had never lost a customer who had a sustainable business to some other software or system.

So it really bummed me out when she decided to leave us for InfusionSoft.

Thankfully, though, within just a few weeks, she realized that she'd much rather stay with Simplero, and to this day, she remains a happy customer.

I was able to sit her down for a Skype interview yesterday, and here's the recording.

To learn more about her, visit her website, and if you understand Danish, sign up for her newsletter too. She even offered to answer any questions if you email her at the address listen on her Contact page.

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