We love it when people say nice things about us

One of our beloved customers, Sandy Ross, just wrote a raving review - and we didn't even ask for it :)

Here's a sample:

That answer is Simplero and while I’m trying to keep this post factual, I might get a bit gushy because this system solves SO many problems of having an online information-based business.

The system is an all-in-one developed by a US-based Dane, Calvin Corelli, whose tech support team spans Europe and India.

Techs who answer your questions with a voice-over video filmed INSIDE YOUR OWN SITE to show you exactly what goes where. Yes really!

And the tech support – it’s right inside your site, you just click the little help icon and the help interface pops right up – no going to another site, creating an account, searching their knowledge base first – though they do have a helpful knowledge base!

We love reviews. If you write one too, we'll be happy to highlight it.

Thank you so much, Sandy!


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