Wanting to do vs wanting to get done

Almost the same, but so different.

It's something I struggle with a lot. There are a lot of things I want to get done. So when I start my day by asking myself, what would I really love to do today, frequently the question I really end up answering is the other one, What would I like to get done today?

Don't get me wrong. Getting things done is great. But it's easy to end up just ticking items off a to-do list without making real progress, without making the contribution we came here for, without really living our purpose. "If only I get this and this and this done, then ...". But the "then" never happens unless we make it.

So tomorrow when you wake up, honor yourself by giving yourself a moment to ask "what would I really love to do today?". And pause long enough for an answer to show up.

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