How Bryan Increased His Open Rates by 150%

Meet Bryan West from Fortress Learning in Australia.

Bryan's a simplieber. I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing him last night for our blog.

Bryan runs a very successful online training company, teaching both teachers and students the skills they need to succeed in the Australian labor market, and he has been using Simplero to do so since last summer.

Before switching to Simplero, they were using InfusionSoft, and Bryan shared a couple of very interesting experiences regarding that:

  • Switching to Simplero saved him upwards of 5,000 dollars a year
  • It also saved him having to have a dedicated InfusionSoft consultant/expert to do manage it
  • They now can do lots of little tweaks on the fly, making them much more agile and effective
  • Before, his team members didn't want to have anything to do with the marketing software—now with Simplero, they're all getting on board, because it's so much easier
  • And finally, his open rates went up by a staggering 150% after switching!

So if you're on the fence about whether to go with Infusion or Simplero, Bryan's advice couldn't be more clear: Go with Simplero.

Bryan has generously volunteered to answer your questions. You can reach him through the contact page at Thank you, Bryan!

Listen in to this full interview here:


One thing I particularly loved to hear, apart from how successful the switch to Simplero had been for him and his company, of course, was the importance to Bryan of operating with integrity, always asking themselves what the right thing to do in this situation is.

Bryan is a model example of the type of customer that I enjoy working with and that I want to attract for Simplero. I'm happy to grow a little slower if it means only working with quality people like Bryan.

Amy, you've got yourself a good man. And Bryan, I hope we stay connected for a long time to come.

New Features in Simplero

This past week saw an overhaul of the inner workings of the affiliate program, which offers you quite a bit extra flexibility.

Each purchase can now have their own individual affiliate commission percentage. That allows you to differentiate more. So for example, if you choose to increase the percentage for a specific affiliate, or for an affiliate program, you can do so without affecting the existing purchases. You can also go in manually and change a specific purchase to give a higher of lower commission if you need that.

And finally, the under-the-hood change has allowed us to handle delayed payouts a bit more logically, so that if there's a refund with delayed payouts, that refund will now just cancel out the original payment, instead of first affecting the balance negatively. I know of at least one person that's going to be very happy with that change ;)

Random Links from around the Interwebs

I've been doing Rails since before almost anyone else. I got the creator, David Heinemeier Hansson, commonly known as DHH, to come into the office of my software consulting company and show us what he'd done. I was immediately sold, switched the entire company from OpenACS to Rails, and switched to Mac after seeing what he could do, running everything locally on a Unix stack. My company did one of the first three production uses of Rails, an intranet for Greenpeace International. To say that DHH has been a major influence on my life would be an understatement. Rails just got a new website, and he took the time to write up The Rails Doctrine. He's a hella smart dude.

I'm so fascinated with Adele these days. Her voice, obviously, but mostly how chill she seems to be. Funny. Relaxed. Not playing the "I'm a superstar" role. Here's her driving around with UK Late Late Show host James Corden in Carpool Karaoke. Golden. And he's not half bad himself.

And this clip where she's pretending to be an Adele impersonator in an Adele impersonator contest is hilarious too.

That's it for this week. Lots of love to you.

Bryan West from Fortress Learning: Creating a Successful Vocational Training Company with Integrity
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