How Pediatric Acupuncturist Robin Green Made $62,914 from her First Product Ever

Robin had a thriving acupuncture practice when one day her husband was fired, and her family was suddenly forced to think on their feet to keep the roof over their head.

Robin decided to take this as an opportunity to stretch herself, and become the sole provider for her family, so her husband could stay at home and take care of their children.

Her specialty was doing acupuncture with kids. Having never done any kind of information product before, she managed to put together a program. Totally connected to her purpose of alleviating suffering for children, she recruited the help of some kept people in her industry, and was able to make more than $60,000 from her very first information product.

Tune in to this interview to learn everything she did. Sharpen your ears - she's definitely one to learn from.

NB. The interview is from last year, when Simplero was still called zenbilling. Don't let that stop you from learning her gems, though.

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